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flash a bricked DM500s

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    flash a bricked DM500s

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    How can I go about this without using a serial cable, or is it not possible? I bought a USB to RS232 or whatever it's called a while ago but I could never get it to work.

    Not massively bothered about doing this as I only bought it as my first box to have a play to see if it actually worked but it'd be nice to have just to stick in the back room.

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    Dreamup will work with this box m8, but very very few USB TO SERIAL adapter work, i use an older laptop with a serial output, and works everytime, also, i would recommend that you use Commando 15.1e [latest one ] on your box m8... its a cracking image, and fully compliant for this box...

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    I've got the image downloaded, just can't flash it. I haven't got an old laptop either (neither does anybody I know) so it looks like it's going to be a paperweight.

    Don't suppose you could link me to exactly the cable I need, just in case I ever manage to find someone with a capable machine?

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    Just a standard serial cable M8 [ RS232 ] or what i used on a dell laptop i had [ before i bought an older laptop ] was, get yourself a express to serial card adaptor m8, that also works well, has one for a few years with no trouble at all, something like this m8 >>>>
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    I don't have a desktop and wouldn't be too confident adding that to my laptop I don't think. Confident I'd know how to do the flashing, it's just getting hold of a PC with the necessary hardware.

    Maybe I can find a real cheapy on eBay and sell it on...

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    But dont you have an express output on your laptop, there is usually a dummy cover over, and when you remove the dummy cover, its shows you the type of express card you need. then like i said, buy one with a serial output [ express to serial ]

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