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xbmc installation problem

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    xbmc installation problem

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    I have a 4gb google android 4.0 wifi media tv box internet tv player 1080p, it refuses to install the latest xbmc download 12.1 Frodo. what to do? searched for the previous software 11.0 but cant find it, can anyone help please, thanks.

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    what do you mean it refuses to install, did you get the .apk from (official) , you have to enable "install apps from unknown sources" in your settings tab if you haven't already also
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    ..the download is ok from xbmc, just keep getting.. X application not installed.

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    Make sure youve got enough room on the device and clear cache and appdata just incase youve got some files left over, far as i know Index of /test-builds/android are all the official builds for android xbmc and they are dated, heard some ppl having success with this error installing it with astro file manager and others recommend unmounting any sd card and then install from internal memory, they have worked fine on my 2 different android devices and ive installed it for friends on a few more, try what i suggested and if it still doesnt work open a thread on xbmc support forum m8

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    Hi, I cleared cache and data in google play store, no good, I'm afraid the rest you spoke about is way above my head how do you install from internal memory? I'm sorry I'm not as techie as yourself and things need to be explained to me, I learn quickly though, I've also emailed support, its very frustrating but hopefully Ill get there soon, thanks.

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    If youve got an sd card in your device go to settings and select umount sd card. Astro file manager is a free app in google play store, get it and open it up, then within that navigate to your downloaded xbmc file and select install.

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    id as you said put sd card in, unmounted it, installed astro file manager, tried to install xbmc but same result.. X application did I do something wrong and what should I do with the sd card?

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    It could be that your device simply isn't supported or needs to be rooted but I'd have thought it would install and then not work. If you've got enough space for the app, tried installing from internal and external memory and tried using Astro file manager to install the apk, really don't know what else to try sorry. Hopefully the support email comes soon and tells you what the problem is
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    ..device is supported all-right and as for space its just out of the box I've not done anything to it. thanks for your advice.

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    Is the device drivers already setup on your pc?
    I'm not sure of the media box your using, can you put up a link to it?
    You could be just trying to install the incorrect apk.
    Can you connect to Google play from it and download xbmc from there instead?
    If you have all the correct information, going back to my first question, you could install adb drivers and sdk to your pc, connect the device to the pc and use the command adb push to install the apk that way...

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    .when I came in earlier turned on box and it wont come on all I see on tv is a gently flashing android it "bricked" as they say, or can something be done? thought I would ask you Jez as you have been trying to help, thanks mate.
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    Sounds like it may need flashing, what make and model is your device? will try and have a look about for a solution, if you can exchange it take it straight back though
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    hi, this one is the same thing.JUSTOP Android 4.0 TV Box HD Network Media Player / Streamer, Smart Internet TV Set Box, Built-in WIFI Support HDMI Flash 11 , Skype , Youtube , uPNP Play---Great for Watching HD Movies, Youtube Videos, Surfing Internet, Online TV, Android Game, 2 x USB Ports, Comes With Remote Control, HDMI Cable, UK Adapter

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    Before trying anything else is there a reset button hole, the sort of thing normally on back of a router ya need a paperclip or pin to press it. If so try that. When you say its like a justop 4 im guessing it isnt one so if it needs flashing it has to be the 100 percent right firmware, confirm that it is the same firmware as a justop 4 or put your exact make and model here or we could just make matters worse m8

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    ..Android 4.0 TV Box Media Player 1080 HDMI WIFI Wireless ICS 8/9/2012 motherboard (Justop branded) - YouTube this is the very same only difference is mine is white, there are no other details on the device. ta.

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    found it this mine and there is no reset hole only an av

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    Found a couple of firmwares for the justop 4, for some reason there site is down for me though, have a look to see if you can get on as there will be guides on that site and more help,

    this is an ics firmware for justop 4
    and this is jelly bean for justop 4

    check all over for a reset button hole as im pretty sure its used to get these updates to load from the root of your sd card, got to go out but ill have another look to see if they can be flashed by connecting to pc later

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    Reading about I'd say send it back for a refund M8, I suggest you go here Forums - JUSTOP Android 4.0 TV Box - MPA040BKT and look at the threads, seems alot of ppl had no end of trouble with this box. But if you want to persevere hopefully youll find an answer there.

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