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Anyone Recommend A Good Server For Satellite -January and February only !!

This is a discussion on Anyone Recommend A Good Server For Satellite -January and February only !! within the General Satellite Discussion forums, part of the Satellite category; FOR SATELLITE ONLY Rules for this thread - Post what you require, ...

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    Anyone Recommend A Good Server For Satellite -January and February only !!

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    Rules for this thread -

    • Post what you require, a UK line or Southern Ireland.
    • You can request information in this thread to be given via pm (private Message) only.
    • Do not discuss ANYTHING in this thread - it is a REQUEST thread only SO ASK ONLY.
    • Do not tell members not to discuss anything in here, that's the Moderator's Job.
    • If you have messaged the member click on the PM button under each post - Don't worry guests can't see this!
    • Do not click the "Like" or "thanks" buttons to draw attention to the fact that you are selling lines.
    • Please report any post that breaks any of these rules.
    • Members that break these rules will be removed from seeing/posting in this thread for any amount of time (maybe permanently) at the Moderators Discretion.
    • And remember that Satellite only offers SD channels with a handful of FTA in HD only !


    We back No One!!!

    Please don't take advice from "Zero posters" or "members" who haven't been on the forum for long. These users could be anyone! STAY CLEAR!
    I would listen to First Of All (no guarantee from TK) - VIP members. These members have been here a long time and contributed no end. We pick these by hand and not on "payments" like other Forums. You can not buy VIP here!
    TK veterans - (no guarantee from TK) - Been here a while 500+ posts so more in favour of trust.

    We give you the Tools BUT use your Common Sense.

    Please remember to empty your inbox if you are expecting replies from this thread.

    Due to late nature of this thread, It will be for two months
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    Hi, I have finally taken the plunge and got myself a Zgemma box. All set up now with Wooshbuild and very happy so far. the next step is to find a line for UK Sky, BT Sport etc. Can anyone help with reccommendations please? If anyone can PM me with a referral I would be very grateful.

    Thanks in advance.


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    hi can anyone recommend a seller for a line for a zgemma h2s box as new to this what the different between a c- line and n line

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    ZGemma UK user looking for either a N or C line please. Reliable lines please. Many Thanks

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    Looking for a Zgemma h2s test line for Ireland.
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    Hi, I'm looking for a reliable nline with a test for the UK, for my h2h for vermin.


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    Hi, looking for a C line (I think).
    I have an openbox V8S and got a ccam gift from ebay but it was rubbish, in my research I found this site and so here is my request for a good reliable source.

    Thanks in advance

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    requesting appropriate line needed for zgemma box must be of high quality , please feel free to PM me
    UK skysports and sky

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    new line needed

    Hi, I'm looking for a reliable (non glitchy) uk nline /cline 12 month option with a 48 hour test, for my cloud ibox 2 plus on vix.

    my last line was an Nline but my server guy has done a runner and wont answer emails. need a new server provider who is reliable.

    pm me


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    I purchased a Zgemma HS2 and looking for a high quality cline for Full ROI, UK, HD, Sports and Movies with good connectivity from UPC Ireland.

    Happy to commit to 12 months after a 48 hour weekday test or a 24 hour weekend test from lunch Friday to lunch Saturday not looking for free football as I dont like it :-)

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    Looking for a high quality N line for mgcamd.2.3.0 / for U.K. 24 hour test them 12 months via PayPal


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    I am looking for a n line for openbox for muiltiroom 2 boxes same address would like test then for 12 mths
    cheers Alan

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    Looking for a UK n line for my edision os mini

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    Need an n line....Sly UK 12 months...

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    Hi all.
    I hope this is okay to ask but I want to become a line reseller as I currently ell other services and want to add lines also. Are there any reliable and reasonably priced services?

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    Still cant find a UK sat line.

    Please could i have a 48hr or 72hr test line for UK sat.

    Preferably N line for Oscam.

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    need an n line for my zgemma h2s using mgcam_1.35a

    a reliable service please

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    need a vm cline for ZGEMMA STAR_LC please. pm if possible.

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    Looking for a good reliable glitch free UK sat N Line for Zgemma H2S. 24 Hour Trial would be appreciated. Cheers!

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    Hi. I'm looking for a reliable, glitch/freeze free C-Line for VM for Zgemma H2H. Happy to pay for 6-12 months, but would require 24-48 hour trial before continuing. Cheers.

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