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Flash Drives

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    Flash Drives

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    Hi I am a neewbie and have just purchased a Zgemma H2s

    I have read online that their may be problems with certain flash drives for flashing box

    Any advice on ones that work or don't work

    Thanks in advance


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    As far as I'm concerned there's no problem with any drives (unless fake or faulty) as long as they are prepared properly.
    I personally use a Cruzer Facet 8gb and it's never let me down but I have used about 30 usb's of varying age and size and they all work.

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    Hi mate
    you will have no problems if you use a scandisk 4G
    Kind regards

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    4gb TDK here formatted to fat32

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    I have used Kingston, TDK, Sandisk and even unbranded ones upto 32gb, all worked fine......As the previous post stated, they just need to be prepared correctly

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    I have used a toshiba 128 gb and Cruzer 8 and 16gb all work perfectly. I'd say USB issue is only a myth

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    usb issues is not a myth as loads have had issues even on original receivers,most forums usually state not bigger than 8gb,kingston,cruzer and integral work for me.

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    I still think loads of people have had issues because they think a simple Windows format will do the job, and usually it won't.
    I've flashed my ZG with a 500Gb bus powered HDD and a 128mb microsd card in a usb adapter so I'm firmly of the opinion that it's preparation rather than the media that causes the problems.

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    I have found doing a full format in Fat32 is what works for me and I have used some rubbish usb sticks just to see if they will work and they have! I have seen loads of errors that have been the data on the stick has been the problem or they have not unzipped etc.

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