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New Firmware Openbox HD

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    New Firmware Openbox HD

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    New Firmware. Tough if you have a clone. Not tried it yet,
    It mainly mainly improve the followings:

    1.Optimize "read smart card function"

    for example, Viaccess 4.0,NDS 2.0 , Irdeto 2.0, Conax 5, Sega ( i.e.Mediaguard 3)

    Nagra 2 and so on

    2. Add "FTP function', you can upgrade your software and files by internet,

    including software, system file, TP_PRO.dbs, Cccam.cfg, softcam and so on

    3.It adds some key files, and optimize "patch"

    4. it adds several luanguage, i.e. Persian and so on

    5. Bomb--Kill the clone

    Notes: regaring the rebooting of UK channels, we had gotten the T/S,maybe we will release new software on 15th May and solved it
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    how to know if my box is clone

    Hello what's new in this fw?

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    Openbox S10 Firmware (23/6/2011)

    Openbox S10 Firmware Provides Updated PVR Function
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    S9 Reboot Firmware fix

    New firmware. Solved the problem with the reboots.
    Installed and scanned, works well, not one reboot.
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    Openbox S10 Firmware

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    Openbox s9 EuropeVer

    Openbox s9 EuropeVer
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    New firmware OPENBOX S10 110902

    New firmware released, not tested fully but the menu is back to usual horizontal unlike the previous slybox nds version
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    Quote Originally Posted by flutered View Post
    i have ordered another s10, this time the only thing that i am adding to it is a cline, it will be for $ly uk hd espn setanta + the irish chanells, the i will deleate all the rest on 28.2, this is going to be a safety first operation, just in case lightning strikes again.
    flutered this thread is for the announcements of new firmware releases.
    If you have any questions please create/post in the appropriate area for a response, thanks.

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    Hi guys, i tried the new firmware and it works brilliantly! I think its the best receiver ive ever used and thats out of a lot!
    Thank you guys for working so hard to support this forum...

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    New firmware OPENBOX s9 nds 30/8/11

    this firmware updates the nds in offical sky cards which hasnt worked since june works very well no probs so far s9 but workes well on the s10
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    Firmware Openbox S10HD 14/09/2011

    Openbox Firm from Shenzhen.

    Function on the 95.0E patch has been enhanced.
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    Firmware Openbox (slybox) S9HD 14/09/2011

    New software for ***BOX S9HD PVR has been released today.
    Function on the 95.0E patch has been enhanced.

    Tested for openbox.
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    Firmware Openbox S10HD 28/09/2011

    It supports avatarcam.
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    i hope this firmware will improve my openbox s9

    thank you very much

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    firmare 12 OCT2011 for openbox s10

    its main improvements are the followings:
    1. Add Multi-channels moving and edition function
    2. When coming into the CCCAM setup, you need to edit the passwords at first
    3. Optimize sharing protocols and hiding the account function
    4. Add Avatar sharing plugin
    5. solving the motor problem
    6. add much more languages, for example: Bulgarian, Romanian
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    Firmware Update


    Once I applied the update, upon reboot my display says "On".

    Any Idea?



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    you need to reflash with null modem cable

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    Quote Originally Posted by khanss View Post

    Once I applied the update, upon reboot my display says "On".

    Any Idea?


    You've had a file corruption while flashing. There is a loader(software) which flashes the firmware via null modem cable. This will bring it back to life. No other way that I know of.

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    Openbox Firmware S10/S11 17/11/2011

    No changelog
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    Does anyone know the best place to buy one. I know maxsat sell them but theres also a uk seller on ebay selling them for 67 inc postage. exscuse me if ive posted this twice

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