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Formula one fans post here.....

This is a discussion on Formula one fans post here..... within the Racing forums, part of the All Sport Forum category; If you like formula one then post here........

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    Formula one fans post here.....

    If you like formula one then post here.....

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    I am right into it this year, got a betfair account and doing a bit of betting to make it more interesting, I am up so far, although I lost on yesterdays qualifing. Half an hour to go...

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    i know mate! Looks interesting with the red bull team Can't believe how far behind hamilton is already

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    I bet he will win todays race, and the championship, but I have an 80 to 1 bet on a brawn car winning the championship, put it on b4 they started winning, so i could do with button doing it ultimately

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    yep! how much did you put on it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lfc4life View Post
    yep! how much did you put on it?
    sorry mate... it was odds of 20/1 and I only am doing small bets... 80 to win

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    o rite fair enough! :P

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    did you read that about that race of champions event is going too be held in china for the first time after poor attendances at wembley

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    well done to vettel and red bull for winning what was a poor grand prix! :s and hamilton you should have done better

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    He was doing some twirls was ol Hamilton, lost me a few quid by not coming in on the podium

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    F1 is so much better back on the beeb.

    Those continuous advert breaks were a pain in the 4rse.

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    is f1 a new type of football

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    ah but they were good if you needed a wee. but its much better back where it belongs

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    the teams have reached agreement at last and max mosley is not standing for re election the year

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    Monaco next up,if you find F1 boring i would give this one a miss

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    Canada this week,Hamilton on poll,should be a good race always a smash or two,and with a good chance of rain looks to be set up for a classic. Go on lewis mix it up again !

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    Silverstone,looking forward to a great weekend of F1. McLaren bringing some upgrades this weekend that will hopefully strenthen their position in the championship,most of the other teams had their upgrades at the last race,and hamilton/button still held their own,so looking for a good show from them this weekend. For a change we might have a dry race,and some real good wheel to wheel action,and after all that we have a world cup final to watch,so a good weekend ahead for me....Lewis Hamilton/Spain are my tips for the winners...Lets see how it pans out.

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    Bahrain Grandprix cancelled due to unrest they hope to re-arrange later in the year.

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