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Grogbuild FreeRange 2018-12-11

the new grogbuild for all boxes

  1. grog68
    We are pleased to announce we are the first build installed via command line that does not require you to flash the box with openATV or openVix before installing the build, the GrogBuild Freerange Installation now asks you which you want to use as a base build (if OpenVIX is available for your box) and then flashes the latest stable image for you. Assuming that you have your USB/HDD connected to the box (used for recordings etc) then you can use this method.
    See the Installation Option 1 in the first post of the support thread found at http://www.techkings.org/threads/grogbuild-freerange-for-all-enigma2-boxes.141048/

    This is my latest version of Grogbuild which should work on any enigma2 box using OpenATV or OpenVIX.

    The support thread can be found at http://www.techkings.org/threads/grogbuild-freerange-for-all-enigma2-boxes.141048/

    I must admit, the new method to install is similar to Wooshbuild Infinity however it's a system that I've been using to build images on the boxes for some months, it's just been finished off a bit for general use.

    There is no need to dig out a spare USB stick to download the build to and flash from, any Enigma2 set top box that has open ATV or openVIX installed can install Grogbuild FreeRange by just copying a single command line and when you put it on your Enigma2 box you will get the most up to date plugins at the time, unlike prebuilt builds that may have had old versions installed by the time you flash.

    Features :
    • My 'Add a Line' plugin installed
      If you use a line it can be added simply using this plugin, no need to copy files over
    • My 'Movie Organsisor' Plugin
      used to arrange your tv recordings into folders.
    • My own top pic script to update top images in the menu's on the Vskin skins.
    • Install with a single line of code
      Once OpenATV is installed on your box just cut the piece of code we give below into the terminal on your box and sit back and watch.
    • Most up to date at time of flashing
      As the plugins are downloaded during setup they are the most up to date versions at that time, unlike a prebuilt build which could be weeks or months old.
    • Update online via software update
      Utalising the ATV or VIX Software Manager you can update the software as often as you like, even our own plugins if we update them.
    • Works with all Enigma2 set top boxes
      As we do not use an image in Grogbuild FreeRange it will install in just minutes on any Engima2 set top box that has openATV installed.

    if you have not flashed the latest Open ATV (6.1 or 6.2 - your choice) or Open VIX image then I have some instructions to install Open ATV
    (Vix is very similar) and once installed you can install and setup for Grogbuild FreeRange by following the steps below.


    • Step 1 (OpenATV): In your web browser open a new tab in the url bar type http://yourboxname ie if you have a zgemma h2h you would enter the url http://zgemmah2h, for a VU+Uno 4K you would enter http://vuuno4k, and you will see the OpenWeb Interface load up, in the menu on the left in the Extra's section you will see a Terminal link, click on this link and the virtual terminal will appear with a login prompt.
    • Step 1 (OpenVIX): Open Vix doesn't have the terminal installed as part of OpenWebIf so you will need to connect to your box by using a telnet program such as Putty. Open Putty and enter the IP address or hostname of your box in the server field and click on OK
    • Step 2 : Login in by typing the word root followed by the enter key. Now copy the all of code below:


    • Step 3(openATV) : Now in the OpenWeb Interface right click in the terminal window and select paste from browser and in the popup box press CTRL+V to paste the code and then click on OK.
    • Step 3(OpenVIx) Just right click on the putty window and the code should be pasted into the putty command line.
    • Step 4 : Press the enter key and the installation will now begin and you will be asked if you want to restore your settings. If you have installed OpenViX select no as you will need to restore once the build is set up, if using OpenATV you can answer yes if you backed them up BUT it will overwrite any settings just set by this setup, so if you have come from a different build some settings may not be correct.
    • Step 5 (NEW): If you opted not to restore your backup you will now be prompted to enter a hostname for your box, if you don't want to change the default hostname then just hit the enter key.
    • Step 6 : again if you opted NOT to restore your backup then you will now be asked to enter your cable NetID. Make sure you enter the full 5 digit net id. If not using cable, just hit enter.
    • Step 7: If, as above you didn't opt to restore backup then you will now be asked to select your Sky region, enter 0 if you are not using sky or the number next to your region followed by the enter key. You will then be asked to select your Freesat region, as with the Sky region, enter 0 if not using freesat or the number next to your region if you are followed by the enter key.
    • Step 8 : Again, if you are not restoring your backup you will be asked if you wish to install the the e2m3u2Bouquet for an iptv subscription, you will then be prompted for the relevant info supplied by your provider.
    • Step 9 : You will now be asked to select the default skin you want to use, enter the number corresponding to the skin you want to use.
    • Step 10 : Sit back and wait for installation to complete.
    Setting up Grogbuild FreeRange
    If you have restored your settings then your box should be ready and you do NOT need to do the following.


    • Step 1 : If your box uses an external usb storage then now is the time to plug it into your box if you haven't already.
    • Step 2 : If your storage device has not been used or initialed on an enigma2 box before then you need to do that now. Press the Menu button on remote and select Setup -> System -> Storage Device -> Initialisation -> YOUR USB DEVICE -> Red Button.
      Once the initialisation has completed, hold the power button on remote until a menu appears and select Restart Gui.
    • Step 3 : Make sure the storage device is mounted correctly by pressing the RED button on the remote and selecting Plugins -> Mount Manager and Your storage device should be listed and should say Mount: /media/hdd.
      If it does just press the exit button until you exit the menus, if it doesn't press the Green button to Setup Mounts and using the Left/Right arrows on the remote change the mount until /media/hdd is selected and press the Green button to save. Answer yes if prompted to restart the box.
    • Step 4 : Now we need to set up your NetID, if you don't know it check my NetID map and select the Town closest to you. Press the Menu button and select Setup -> Service Searching -> AutoBouquetsMaker->Providers

    • Step 5 :If wanting Freesat (ie no premium channels) change FreeSat UK to Yes and then using the left/right arrows on remote change FreeSatUK Area to the Area you wish to use. Change the bouquet settings for Freesat as you see fit. I personally just have Main bouquet set to Yes (All Channels) with the other bouquet settings set to no.
    • Step 6 : If you have a Satellite Line and want the remaining premium change Sky UK to yes and then set the Sky UK:area to your area, and then again set Sky UK: generate main bouquet to yes(All channels) and as above set the sky uk bouquet options as you want.
    • Step 7 : Now move down to Virgin (UK):Area and using the left/right arrow keys scroll through the list of Net ID's until the one you entered in tuner config above is highlighted. DO NOT change the bouquet options. Press the Green button to save, and then exit back until you come out of menu's
    • Step 8 : On OpenATV hold down the blue button, on OpenVix just press the blue button quickly. Now select AutobouquetsMaker Scan.
    • Step 9 : Once the scan has completed, on Open ATV press the green button or on OpenVix hold down the blue button, now select EPG-Importer. Now press the Blue button and select Rytec UK Sat/Virgin XMLTV to open the options and then select each of the 6 options so each box is ticked. Press the Green button to save.
    • Step 10 : Press the Yellow button to run a scan. Select yes when prompted. On the right you will see 'Importing: Rytec xxx' once the importing has finished it will show 'Last Updated' with the date.
    • Step 11 : Press the Exit button and then select Add a Line and you can use this plugin to enter your line details.
    If you prefer a youtube video of instructions then here you go, based on using ATV. It's not the best amature home video but it should help.

    If you have any questions please post a comment in the support thread
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    Many Thanks!
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