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WooshBuild Infinity: Satellite, Cable, Freeview, Saorview, IPTV - For ALL Enigma2 boxes Update 2018/11/14

WooshBuild Infinity: the original image-less build for ALL enigma 2 boxes

  1. wooshman
    WooshBuild Infinity
    Any Enigma2 box - Cable, Satellite, FreeView, Saorview & IPTV
    Vu+, Zgemma, Formuler, Technomate, Edision, Mut@nt, Xtrend, Gigablue
    and the list goes on and on

    WooshBuild is still leading the way while the others follow

    Currently running on a confirmed 134 different makes / model of box

    Once simple command to start setup and the rest is done with your remote

    Use satellite, cable, Freeview, Saorview, IPTV or all of them
    Freeview fully configured using just your postcode
    Settings pre-configured
    Select your default skin (the rest available in plugins)
    softcams pre-installed + USB Cam importer
    Initialise USB if required
    NO Manual settings to be done
    Use whatever version of openATV you want
    No manual setup is required once you box restarts

    WooshBuild Infinity supersedes any previous WooshBuild versions.


    saorview in wooshbuild infinity.png

    Click the download button to be taken to the full install instructions
    WooshBuild has taken it, yet again, one step further and now removed the need for individual images for each box, you could call it "the Image Killer" really. WooshBuild Infinity will work on all* enigma2 boxes whether satellite, cable, Freeview or IPTV Only.

    *WooshBuild Infinity has been tested on many different brands and models of enigma2 boxes over the last couple of months, the current total of different makes / models reported by end users is 134 This number is increasing all the time.

    Satellite, cable, sat/cable combo, Freeview or just set it up for IPTV. WooshBuild Infinity only installs what is required from the choices you make.

    One single command to install WooshBuild on any enigma2 box.
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Recent Reviews

  1. nicnak1234
    Version: Update 2018/11/14
    very good
  2. frederick22
    Version: Update 2018/11/14
  3. reggier
    Version: Update 2018/11/14
    Was nervous at first but worked great. As instruction says i had to flash to a blank openatv image because i was getting problems. But after that it was plain sailing and took only 10 minutes. A little teaking around and i think i have the best image ever now on my box. All HD channels also working perfect. Thanks WB.
  4. salm_u2002
    Version: Update 2018/11/14
    nice good very good
  5. andrew123
    Version: Update 2018/11/14
    10 out 10
  6. Eejit
    Version: Update 2018/11/14
    It's the number 1 build
  7. bobby1976
    Version: Update 2018/11/14
    Amazingly surprised at how simple it was to use. Keep up the great work.
  8. biggchapp
    Version: Update 2018/11/14
    superb as always decided to try it on gigablue x3.h ooft flawless and fast zapping ..10-10 keep up great work guys
  9. rollmesome
    Version: 2018-05-28
    Quicker and better. Easier to install
  10. ls12crew
    Version: 2018-05-28
    Wow its amazing that this will even run on such a lo spec machine as my zgemma star with IPTV working great.