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60 days in jail

Discussion in 'Whats on TV' started by Gnr75, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. Gnr75

    Gnr75 Member

    Just started watching this, an American law enforcement officer is drafting in regular members of the public to go undercover in jail to help from be out why the system isn't working.
    I'm only 1 and half episodes in but enjoying it.
  2. siilver

    siilver TK Veteran

    Down the two seasons of it
    it was alright. It was the same thing every week

    Almost fight almost fight
  3. Gnr75

    Gnr75 Member

    ah, cheers.
    i will persevere with it, once I start watching a series, I struggle to leave it unfinished.
    I curious to see how the teacher gets through it, he seemed to be in trouble the second he entered the pod.
  4. siilver

    siilver TK Veteran

    It is worth a watch yea
    the setup is crazy like, drugs fights and let on their own for 23 hours a day
    it's was never going to be good
  5. gibbletts

    gibbletts TK Veteran

    Season 1 was pretty good but I only managed the first couple of season 2 was a bit samey. The dude who was a security guard and wanted to be a prison guard was totally delusional.
  6. Gnr75

    Gnr75 Member

    I have been looking for a decent prison style Tv show ever since OZ finished.
    i can't get into orange is the new black, and Prison break lost its appeal after they broke out.
  7. t3rminal

    t3rminal Member

    Wentworth is good

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  8. Gnr75

    Gnr75 Member

    will check it out.
    im watching 60 days on Kodi, don't think I could handle the ads if I had to watch it in real time, even now there is too much preview and catch-up material.
  9. Codine

    Codine Member

    I've been watching the season that's on now, didn't even know their was other seasons. Might be worth watching.

    This season thats on at the moment seems pretty good tho. But, if they've done other seasons surely the prison officer(s) must know whats going on and they must be playing ignorant for the TV show surely.
  10. Gnr75

    Gnr75 Member

    Yeah, I was thinking that myself, as soon as a production crew enter the facility, the guards will be thinking that something is going on.

    on another note, there is no way that I would volunteer to enter a program like this.
    one indiscretion inside and you run the risk of becoming a true convict or worse, injured by other inmates.
  11. satcore2

    satcore2 Member

    its so so good
  12. Boxing24

    Boxing24 Member

    Sheriff Jamey Noel of Clark County, Indiana has devised an unprecedented program to root out crime and corruption in his jail.
  13. siilver

    siilver TK Veteran

    Just seen sessions 3 has started
  14. goose1

    goose1 Guest

    seen that 60 days in im sute that nate in season 2 goes in longer
  15. maddad

    maddad Member Forum Supporter

    season 3 is on now. Moved to Atlanta
  16. siilver

    siilver TK Veteran

    Seen it
    There is next part of it soon

    They keep someone in for 120 days
  17. goose1

    goose1 Guest

    could you ever see a show like this above in uk be funny as owt