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A question On SlykQ for anyone who knows where to position the content on Linux

Discussion in 'OpenVIX | OpenATV Skins' started by XSONY_NGUX, Dec 17, 2016.


    XSONY_NGUX TK Veteran

    I am using the lovely Slyk Q skin by KiddaC

    My concern is the channel selection menu for Slyk Q...

    I don't like the fact that the TV screen of what is on now is in the middle of the left screen..

    I want that TV screen big as possible in the top right corner (something similar to slyk skin)

    I have attached an image of what i am saying if someone or anyone can tell me what files i need to be looking at to get the outcome for what i am looking for please..

    If the code could be shared here with before and after of what needs to be edited that would be great.

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  2. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    You dont want much do you lol thats the way skyq is and wont be easy to move around
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    XSONY_NGUX TK Veteran

    Hahahaha i guess so, i'm kinda requesting a mod aren't i? ;D

    I see but i'm not finding it nice being in the middle left..

    KiddaC i know you've seen this please help me out..

    I'll donate a beer i beg ya lol
  4. kiddac


    I am not creating a total new custom page for you. Simple as that. Beer or no beer. And do you really think a beer is adequate for the couple of hours work involved.
    The Sly Q skin has the same layout for every page. Which works very nicely.

    To do what you are asking.
    I would need to create new background graphic as the big Q is part of the background.
    I would need to move to the left. The Title, the decription, the list, the buttons.
    I would have to reszie and reposition the mini tv.
    I would have to reposition the duration, start time and icons.
    I would have to reposition all the program details.

    Basically I would have to create an entire new page that looks nothing like any of the other pages.

    And to even to try and do it the simple way, of moving the screen from the left and putting it top right, would mean it was actually smaller than the original, there would be nowhere to put the duration and icons, and there would be a big fugly gap on the left.

    Unfortunately if you want a custom skin, you are going to have to do what a few of the other lads have done. Get your hands dirty. All the elements are there for you, so modding positions and sizes is just a case of tweaking a few values.

    XSONY_NGUX TK Veteran

    Alright that's fine i'll try doing it myself..