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A word of caution re warranty's !!.

Discussion in 'For Sale.' started by Pale-Rider, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. Pale-Rider

    Pale-Rider Member

    Ok Guys I know this is not a sales thread and if i'm over stepping my mark please delete this thread or move it to a more appropriate place (maybe even think of adding it to the trading rules Q&A section ??)

    Under UK law when you resell a electrical item (may also include other items but I know it absolutely covers electrical items as I heard it from a well known satellite retailers mouth him self). When you resell say a satellite receiver or TV or games console etc etc etc etc and you state it STILL HAS xxxxxx days, weeks, months warranty etc be very careful.

    I say this because one you resell your item the warranty that you originally had is now for all intents and purposes null and void unless the original trader CHOOSES (read that bit carefully) chooses to honor the remainder of the warranty, because he/she can lawfully refuse to honor any warranty claims no matter how long is left of the warranty unless it comes directly from the person they originally sold the item to.

    Now I am not saying any trader would do this as frankly it would ruin their reputation instantly but they have the law on their side and if they CHOOSE (notice that word again). If they choose to they can lawfully decline any warranty claims unless it comes from the person they sold the item to in the first place.

    Just putting it out there because none of the so called big retailers will openly tell you this and if you do sell a satellite receiver for example and tell the buyer it still has warranty and they have to make a warranty claim not only could they be denied the claim but they could in turn take you to the small claims court for false advertising or you could incur the repair / replacement costs. (if there dickish enough).

    Sermon over.
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  2. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    ahh bugger totally fecked i am as bought a sat box from uk sent to irl,given to my m8 and he says stuck on boot ,so have to get box and contents back and ship back without batteries and they are closed until new year :damn:
  3. Pale-Rider

    Pale-Rider Member

    Like I said mate it's unlikely they would refuse as frankly you could destroy their reputation but it's their rite to decline any warranty requests if the item has been resold or the request has come from some one other than the person they sold it to originally. Just one of those things to keep in mind if you ever purchase a receiver etc on the strength of XXXX amount of warranty. Also some resellers use the remaining warranty period as a way to boost the value so now you know this is pretty much useless and may give you leg up on negotiating a better price.
  4. Alien Heads

    Alien Heads TK Veteran

    I have actually bought several second hand electrical items in the past with the purchase receipt & twice taken them back for exchange as they developed faults, they exchanged for a new one without a problem. How can they prove who purchased it in the first place?
  5. Pale-Rider

    Pale-Rider Member

    Im not talking about argos of asda here mainly the online retailers but the law still applies the same. The only real difference is that the online retailers will have a record of who they sold the item to where as for example argos etc would not unless you paid for it with a card.

    And I know this as it came from one of the biggest online sellers of aftermarket/thirdparty satellite receivers in the Uk who queried it with trading standards him self

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    I have raised this point a few times over the years on another uk based satellite forum (the one owned by the same seller i'm talking about) but that post always gets deleted. I'm just advising users to take any sale where warranty is used as a bargaining chip with a grain of salt.

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    You can read what I am saying here for proof too.

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    Check the small print

    Only the person who bought the item can make a claim, unless your warranty or guarantee uses the phrase ‘third party rights’. It’s important you look out these words if you bought it second hand or were given it as a gift.
  6. Alien Heads

    Alien Heads TK Veteran

    Apparently from what i've read if the warranty includes "third party rights" people who have received it as a gift or bought it second hand can return goods under the warranty.
  7. Pale-Rider

    Pale-Rider Member

    Yes and how many warranty's have you seen where it includes the phrase "third party rites" ? Because I have bought dozens of STB's over the years from multiple online retailers up and down the UK and not one has ever included that in any warranty I received. I'm not posting this to get into a legal argument just to help users understand where they stand especially as most re-sellers use the remaining warranty period as a selling point to inflate the price. If you know the warranty is basically junk once you buy the item from them it gives you extra leverage to negotiate a better price.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2016
  8. Alien Heads

    Alien Heads TK Veteran

    No idea mate i never read warranties the text is too small & i'd be stood there all day reading it :)
  9. Pale-Rider

    Pale-Rider Member

    Like I said mate i'm just trying to let users know that when it comes to warranty claims for second hand goods the phrase xxxxx amount of warranty left carries no water and it is the buyer who can use it to his/her advantage instead of the seller. After all who does not want to save them selves a few quid to squash artificially raised prices on a promise that may not be legally enforceable ?.

    And on another note It at least gets people talking about some thing other than lines and gifts on this forum for a change LOL.
  10. Alien Heads

    Alien Heads TK Veteran

    Yeah i understand what you're saying i'm not trying to pull it apart, just putting myself in the situation.

    Lines, ftp, epg, flashing, stuck on boot, usb stick all things i have reoccurring nightmares about
  11. Pale-Rider

    Pale-Rider Member

    Been in this game for nearly 25 years pal and know E2 backwards, upside down and inside out (Bit bored with it now to be honest), seen it all come and go. You will get there eventually just persevere.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2016