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Adding (mounting) a large USB HDD

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H5.2S' started by aphuk, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. aphuk

    aphuk Registered

    {Automation Engineer
    Whilst setting up my brand new zGemma I followed instructions from this forum to 'initialise' an 8Gb USB stick which I put in the rear port. My thinking was that I would then be able to record anything I was watching through the zGemma on to the 8Gb USB stick but whenever I try and record I get "Write error while recording. Disk Full ?". Now I know that the 8Gb USB stick is empty because I formatted it to FAT32 before plugging it in to the zGemma (and then initialising it) so intention now is to remove the 8Gb USB stick and replace it with a larger USB HDD.

    I have prepared this USB HDD (formatted it to FAT32) and am ready to connect it to the zGemma which has raised the following questions

    1. The zGemma has 3 media interface "Ports"
    a) Rear USB
    b) Front USB
    c) Side Micro SD
    What function does each one serve and is there I need to use them all ?

    2. Which 'Port' do I use for my USB HDD ?

    3. Will I need to 'initialise' my USB HDD via the zGemma remote control (Using the system setup menu) ?

    4. Once the USB HDD is mounted will all the folders/files that may be created (during initialising and recording) be readable from Windows XP ?
    Thinking here is that I may take the USB HDD and plug it into my laptop to use a media editor so am hoping the recordings the zGemma creates are in MP4 or something similar

    5. If I create a folder on my USB HDD (using my XP laptop) and then add any MP4's ( I already have ) can I then re-connect my USB HDD to the zGemma and 'Play' those MP4's ?
  2. biff2005

    biff2005 TK Veteran

    usb HDD goes in the back usb port

    3. Will I need to 'initialise' my USB HDD via the zGemma remote control (Using the system setup menu) ? yes m8