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AJ channel list updated - 2/7/2013

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by johnner09, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. johnner09

    johnner09 Member

    AJ channel list updated - 5/7/2013

    quick update for the AJ list, enjoy:

    View attachment 9704
    View attachment 9705

    Update : 5/7/13

    Sky Sports Ashes HD
    sky showcase HD
    Sky Movies 007
    BT Sport 1 HD
    BT Sport 2 HD
    News 18 India
    QVC Style

    How do I put this list on to my box? * format your usb to FAT32*

    Firstly, before any upgrade you should always backup! Once you've done that;

    1.Unzip AJ's List XX-XX-XX.zip with a program such as winrar & place the TP_PROG.DBS file onto the root of your USB drive.

    2.In the Openbox menu delete your current channel list by going to the "Edit Channel" tab & selecting "Delete All".

    3.Staying in the menu navigate to the "Tools" tab then "Upgrade by USB", change the upgrade mode from "Image File" to "Misc Files" then "Select & Upgrade" & select "TP_PROG.DBS" then press yellow, if all done correctly it should begin to upgrade.

    4.Once the upgrade has completed restart your box & voilá!
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2013
  2. Nathan_H1988

    Nathan_H1988 Member

    Cheers mate. I've dont the update but Sly Ashes HD is scrambled. Any idea why? I think the frequency may have changed but not sure how to change?
  3. sunu

    sunu Member

    thanks for the list mate

    thanks for the list mate

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    how do i download link
  4. johnner09

    johnner09 Member

    Nathan, that list was released just before they changed two channels, s*y showcase and s*y ashes. I put them on this list, the ashes channel is SD!

    View attachment 9682

    enjoy, i'll edit the first post with this file ( no porn )

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    sunu , you haven't made enough posts yet to download!!
  5. Nathan_H1988

    Nathan_H1988 Member

    Cheers mate. Really appreciate. Just updated but now there is no Sly Ashes or Sly Sports 2 in the sports section? Any idea how I can add it again?

    Never mind I have figured it out. Any idea why the Ashes channel is SD? No HD version available?
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2013
  6. johnner09

    johnner09 Member

    Not yet? Wasn't there the last time I checked!!
  7. drustan

    drustan Member

    After I did this, my Skybox is now stuck on "load"? any ideas? thanks
  8. Nathan_H1988

    Nathan_H1988 Member

    Mine did this until I removed the USB stick mate. Try removing the USB after the update. Hopefully will work for you too.
  9. bobby123


    this as been posted posting channel lists all over the forum just keep them in the openbox forum
  10. drustan

    drustan Member

    thanks guys, just got it sorted. problem was wrong erom upgrade tool application. i didn't think i'd get to the end of it
  11. cableguy9

    cableguy9 Member

    hi, will this work with skybox f5? thanks.
  12. tariq786

    tariq786 Member

    yes this will work with F5 box's as i have tried and tested it :)
  13. bmw222000

    bmw222000 Member

    cheers for the list mate have you any idea why showcase has no volume?
  14. cableguy9

    cableguy9 Member

    hi, want to do this, but how do I back up?
  15. bossnt8

    bossnt8 Member

    HI, select menu then Tools, come across and select "dump by USB". You can then choose to back p individual files or a complete image file. Remember to delete all the channels before you upgrade to the new TP PROG.DBS file. Switch the F5 off then on again and voila. The latest file does not have the ashes channel on it for me and I have no idea how to add a channel or edit the .dbs file. If anyone knows, let me know please. Thanks
  16. johnner09

    johnner09 Member

    post #4 on this thread has the ashes channel but its in SD. I put in there when there was a change with the HD channel and its still there if you looking for it,
  17. bossnt8

    bossnt8 Member

    Ashes HD Channel


    I have attached a file I am using with an F5 and I seem to have the Ashes HD channel and the other channels are working too. i believe the non working channels have been removed as well. Hope this helps.

    View attachment TP_PROG.dbs
  18. Transpire

    Transpire Member

    Hi, sorry I am a newbie here.
    I followed instructions and installed this none of my channels show, luckily I had already dumped them to a USB so got them back.
    any idea what this file is suppose to do please? I have skybox F5 bought off ebay with 12 month gift.
  19. johnner09

    johnner09 Member

    transpire, this list is the latest list and all channels are working with very few people having problems. its good you got your channels back but you say you got a box with gift off ebay!!. you took a gamble there because in most cases people lose there line after a month or two, its not good to buy from ebay like that, plenty of warnings on this site alone for doing so!!
    was the list pre-installed on the box when you bought it??
    try another provider with a test line and install this list to see it is not the line provided with your box, the test line will be free for 24 hours. if you get the channels, which you will, then you'll know what's at fault.
    hope this helps, john.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2013
  20. 1878

    1878 Member

    Newbie here! hello all, going to have a dabble at this now, thanks very much fpr the list mate, much appreciated

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