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Around-the-World Roundup: 'Immortals' Reigns Over Foreign Charts

Discussion in 'Movies - Films' started by rtm27, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. rtm27

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    by Ray Subers
    November 13, 2011


    Coinciding with its solid domestic debut, Immortals had a powerful start overseas this weekend. The movie opened to an estimated $38 million from 35 territories, which was good for first place at the foreign box office. Most individual territories are not currently available, though it did open to $3.6 million in the United Kingdom and $1.8 million in Japan. Similar movies Clash of the Titans and 300 finished with $330 million and $245 million, respectively, and, while Immortals won't come close to those figures, it does at least appear poised for an overseas run that exceeds $100 million.

    The Adventures of Tintin fell 32 percent to an estimated $26.7 million in its third weekend overseas. Out of its 50 markets, France was tops again with $6.2 million, while India was the best new territory with $1.3 million. The movie has so far made $159.1 million, and still has a ton of regions left to open in ahead of its Dec. 21 U.S. debut.

    Real Steel extended its mighty foreign run with an estimated $12 million from 41 territories (76 percent of the marketplace). Most of that gross came from a strong $9 million opening in China. The movie has now made $147.5 million overseas for a worldwide (domestic plus foreign) total of $229.2 million.

    Without any major openings, In Time plummeted 50 percent to an estimated $8.4 million from 51 markets. Its top territories were the U.K. ($1.6 million) and Australia ($1.2 million), and it has so far earned $53.1 million overseas.

    Playing in 36 markets, Tower Heist added $7.6 million for a total of $20.6 million. The U.K. was its biggest contributor with $1.4 million.

    Paranormal Activity 3 grossed an estimated $7.1 million for a total of $88.6 million. It should top its predecessor's $92.8 million foreign total by early next weekend.

    A week and a half ahead of its U.S. opening, Arthur Christmas debuted to $3.9 million in the U.K. That's up from the last Aardman movie Flushed Away, and also an improvement on A Christmas Carol.

    Jack and Jill opened in seven Latin American markets and earned an estimated $2.7 million. The vast majority of that came from a $2.48 million first place debut in Mexico, which sets a new opening record for Adam Sandler there.

    Other Notables - Weekend Gross - Gross-to-Date
    Contagion - $6.8 - $54.3
    The Lion King - $4.8 - $58.6
    Puss in Boots - $4.5 - $48.1
    Moneyball - $4.2 - $7.3
    Johnny English Reborn - $3.9 - $146.4
    The Help - $1.9 - $25.7
    You Are the Apple of My Eye - $1.6 - $20
    Anonymous - $1.6 - $2.9
    Rise of the Planet of the Apes - $1.45 - $300.1

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