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Bbc1 and 2 swapped places

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by saint, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. saint

    saint Member

    Hi i have updated to wooshbuild v5 and my bbc1 and bbc2 hd have swapped places so bbc1 is 102 and bbc2 is 101.
    not a major problem but it will no doubt annoy me in time is there any way for this to be fixed without filezilla i have tried running autoboquets. Tha ks
  2. Moofmilker

    Moofmilker Member

    Have you set up the region?
  3. saint

    saint Member

    Yeah its at my region. It worked fine before i updated could restoring my backup sort it?
    Shes watchimg this daft variety show so cant try anything else for now.
  4. Moofmilker

    Moofmilker Member

    Lol, my OH is doing the same, yeah try and restore your back up in about 8hrs once this is finished
    At least there is footie on tomorrow
  5. asmad

    asmad Member

    When the OH is done, check update / swap channels is set to yes in wb config, ensure your region and country is set correctly and then press yellow to run AB E2 channel scan.

    Then when it's done type in 101 or 102 and see if that's fixed it.
  6. saint

    saint Member

    Got it thanks i done a settings restore and all good
  7. Deepest

    Deepest Member

    This gets on my goat

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