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Box for cable and sat in one?

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by judgey, May 13, 2013.

  1. judgey

    judgey Member

    Is there any such thing as a box for cable and sat in one?

    If not could someone pm me where i can get a box for cable.

  2. bees

    bees VIP Member

    The only cable box working now is Kryptview A780 which is a standard def box
    and kryptview / pheonix A850 which is the HD box.

    There are no subs with these boxes, just
    buy the box and change the firmware and your good to go.

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  3. judgey

    judgey Member

    Thanks loads for your help again bees ;)
  4. judgey

    judgey Member

    Is this right mate

    krypt780 - Kryptview Arnet 780
    Null-Modem2 - Null-Modem Cable
    USB-RS232 - USB-RS232 (Serial) Adapter

    Also do i need a live subscription from virgin to scan for channels or will it just work from any cable line?

    Thanks dude
  5. bees

    bees VIP Member

    You will need a live cable feed off virgin.

    People usually sign up for the small TV package,
    but people have been known to have live feeds
    left running because they where never cut off in the street.

    USB adaptor cable only required if you haven't got a serial
    port at the back of your computer.

    (sat setup is better than cable these days)
  6. trippy86

    trippy86 Member

    or you could do what my turn the switch on via the box near your house, i did when i had a eurovox. but to be honest its worth paying to the basic package
  7. judgey

    judgey Member

    Cheers for the heads up mate, im going to stick to sat now just ordered my solo 2 and dish pack..

    again thanks for taking time to reply :)
  8. Jez

    Jez Member

    Vu+ solo2 suppose to be the best box on the planet atm, nice choice m8, congrats

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