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Complete Backup to Install onto a new Zgemma H2S

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by Collyb5060, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. Collyb5060

    Collyb5060 Registered

    How can I take a complete backup of my receiver (Zgemma H2S) to install onto a new Zgemma H2S in order to keep my standard configured settings so that I don’t have to flash / build new receiver from scratch but……the new receiver has come with Openvix and I want to revert it to the same OpenATV Wooshbuild latest version as my own?

    Finally, before I do the above, how do I take a copy or save the NLine (Ncamd.list) file as I need to restore this back onto the new receiver as the receiver and Nline is currently on Openvix base build and my friend does not have a backup of his Nline.

    Thanks in advance for any of your help.
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  2. wooshman

    wooshman VIP Member Forum Supporter

    To backup your line you have a couple of options.

    Option 1.
    Put the Dream Explorer plugin on. Run that and locate usr/etc, then copy the nline file to USB using the self explanatory coloured buttons.

    Option 2.
    FTP into the box and copy the line from the same location to your computer

    Option 3.
    Use the computer network. You should (might) be able to see zgemmah2s on your home network. If you can open that device on the network you will see Harddisk and Root. Open root to see the full file structure of the box. Same location as above, copy the line to your computer.

    To make a copy of your box.

    Put a fat32 USB stick into the front of your box

    Blue button -> Complete Backup -> Green button (USB) - wait 10 mins. Image is now on the box.

    To restore
    USB in front of new box. Turn on box and get ready to press the silver power button on the front when you see USB on the front display. It changes from USB - UPDT - USB - UPDT, you can press the silver button anytime that is happening. Leave it too long and the box will just boot. When you press the button the front display will say FLSH

    Once done you now have a duplicate box.
  3. Collyb5060

    Collyb5060 Registered

    Excellent again Wooshman, thanks for your assistance... I have FileZilla and went into receiver and downloaded the Newcamd.list onto my desktop and will copy onto a USB.

    1. Before i complete backup, whats the best way when i follow the restore instructions above not to add in my own line onto the new receiver if that makes any sense?

    2. Does it matter if i have my HDD still in the rear of my own box when i make a complete backup, i.e insert USB in front same time HDD in rear?

    3. Is it a matter after the new receiver becomes a duplicate of my own that i need to follow the earlier stages of setting up to initialise a new HDD and then create swap file?
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  4. jmpd999

    jmpd999 Registered

    you could just remove the nline before you backup?
  5. johnain

    johnain Registered


    This post nicely sums up my frustration with ZGemma. Obviously it works, so why does it not work for me?

    For Example
    1. I have been trying to set up a 1TB USB HDD since Christmas. I finally got it done about a week ago, but ZGemma just ignores it and tries to use the internal drive. It drives me crazy. I have followed scripts and videos ad nauseam but still no further forward.

    2. I wanted to add BBC and ITV for NE England. I do it either using the Webif or the ZGemma options. Either way it works. Yippee. But when I reboot all my work has been lost.

    What I found was different with backup to your notes above

    ZGemma tells me that my backup USB has to have a file on it called backupstick or backupstick.txt. So I removed it and used Notepad++ on one of my laptops to add backup.txt. I reinstall it into the front drive. I even reboot the ZGemma just to be sure.Then I go through your script again. Result? The same message reappears in spite of the fact that such a file IS on the fat-32 USB. What more do I have to do?

    By the way I can see the /usr folder. But it has no /etc sub-folder inside it. No wonder I am losing the will to live!
  6. wooshman

    wooshman VIP Member Forum Supporter

    I am a bit lost as to what it is you are trying to do.

    1. HDD added but it is ignored? In what way ignored? I presume you have initialised it and created a swap file if you want one (advised) With both of those things done your recordings and timeshift should then go to the HDD.

    2. Adding BBC and ITV for NE England - what do you mean by want to add them?

    On the USB you want to use to backup to, you have an emty txt file called backupstick.txt like you have said. When you put it in the box and go through the complete backup steps, pressing the green button will create the backup on the USB.

    Things that may help you
    Firstly.... put your box in deep standby and remove every device you have attached, HDD, USB, SD cards and then turn the box on. Once fully booted insert the HDD in the rear usb port. Give it 5 or so seconds and ignore any messages on the screen. Red button -> Plugins -> Mount manager. Make sure the device is mounted as Mount: /media/hdd. If it isn't, press the green button and press the left arrow a few times until /media/hdd is selected, then press the green button to save. This will restart your box.

    Once booted, check that the mount name is now set to /media/hdd.

    Now when you insert a USB stick in the front it should be seen as USB and and not hdd which can sometimes happen. You can check what it has called the USB by going into mount manager as above.
  7. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    I just use hdd to create backups so blue button, software manager, complete backup choose red for hdd once done ftp media/hdd and your backup should be in a folder called complete backupor similar drag the zgemma folder to desktop inside the zgemma folder you should have h3 inside that you should see noforce rename that to force.

    Drag the zgemma folder to usb power off the box you want to flash and insert usb in back and switch on using back button then box should change from usb to flash.
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  8. johnain

    johnain Registered


    Thanks Wooshman. I will try what you say.

    I am trying to achieve three things right now.
    1. Make an off- system (I E on a fat32 USB stick) complete image backup for security and also to set up another ZGemma H2S that I have just bought for another room in my home to be identical to the first one. I understand that I must use the front for this.
    2. To enable Timeshift to run on a 1 TB USB to be installed on the rear USB drive permanently.
    3. To enable Recording on the same 1 TB USB in the rear USB drive permanently.

    1 above is the most important because I want to be able to go back to the previous solid version when I make an error. When I press the green button it doesn't respond by doing the backup. Instead. it pops up a modal window saying:

    "No USD-Device found for fullbackup!!
    To back-up directly to the USB-Stick, the-stick MUST contain a file with the name:
    backupstick or backupstick.txt"

    ... Yet that is exactly what I have done, including the empty file called backupstick.txt.
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  9. Bobbywolly

    Bobbywolly Forum Supporter

    Why have you got a file on your usb drive called backup.txt? You should only have a blank file called backupstick or backupstick.txt.
  10. johnain

    johnain Registered

    The file is on my USB because ZGemma told me I must have one. Like this ...

    "No USD-Device found for fullbackup!!
    To back-up directly to the USB-Stick, the-stick MUST contain a file with the name:
    backupstick or backupstick.txt"

    So I put one on. called backupstick.txt. Sorry that was a typo in my message... as the will to live steadily drains away.

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  11. wooshman

    wooshman VIP Member Forum Supporter

    I wonder if you are seeing a hidden extension issue in windows?
    delete whatever you have on the USB you are using to put the backup on and put this one on instead.

    Don't open it, or edit it, just put it on.

    I also presume you are inserting the USB before going into the Complete backup screen? Also giving the box time to find the usb?

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  12. johnain

    johnain Registered

    Again, I thank you for your help. I did as you advised. The mount manager tells me that my rear USB disk is :

    USM:MQ01ABD100 Size 931GB Mount:/media
    Device:/devsda1 Type:ext4 R/W

    ... Interestingly it still doesn't show up on my Windows network file system whilst ZGEMMA root and harddisk do.

    You will gather that I formatted it from NTFS to EXT 3 with a nifty little tool I have in Windows and then uprated it to EXT 4 in ZGEMMA.

    It's a USB-3 Drive which is useless for fast transfer rates to a USB-2 box, but it is probably internally a bit faster than a drive from USB-2 days.

    Now to your swapfile advice. Do I assume that this is equivalent to virtual memory? And where would I set that up please? As you will know I have a tif slot and a good variety of
    tif cards up to 64 GB. This seems to be to be the preferred choice because it is solid state. But what's the biggest I can use?

    I know that too big a file can actually slow down swapping. Is there a good size for it?

    Just as much to the point, though, HOW do I set it up please? My Timeshift settings include ...

    timeshift Location .... /media/hdd/timeshift/

    When I click on that, I get a lower level display that shows a Movie Folder and a Timeshift Folder and then a bookmarks area that says /media/hdd/timeshift/

    I cannot work out how to get into the bookmarks area yet. Do I need mouse and kbd for that? Presumably I can put an expansion thingy onto the rear drive and do a click to get there. however I havn't a clue what I would do once I arrive if the bookmark is correct. :) But it would be nice to know. Normally I would just do it, but even after 35 years in IT I am a bit frighted of my introduction to Linux. Talk about a new world!

    Now, the original issue, complete backup. I am still getting the "No USB-Device found for full backup!!" message.

    My USB is a new Sandisk 64 GB with all the Sandisk rubbish removed and an empty file added, created with Notepad++ on Windows 10 Home and called backupstick.txt.

    Do I have to mount the USB perhaps, and does that mean that I need to mount the tif drive too? Sorry to ask such a question. Normally I would just give it a go. But it's chicken and egg. I daren't make big changes until I have a go-back-to backup.

    Is there an idiot's guide to all of this? I feel a complete imbecile asking such questions. Maybe I am, but if so I would prefer to keep it a secret. :)
  13. wooshman

    wooshman VIP Member Forum Supporter

    Your backup - have you tried a bog standard 4-16 gig USB 2.0?

    Although the instructions have been manged by the forum move, WooshBuild v2 was a case of manually setting up timeshift and also creating the swap file and destructions are here:
    http://www.techkings.org/threads/wooshbuild-v2-02-for-zgemma-2s-openatv-5-1.86982/ A 256 or even a 512mb swap is fine.

    Red button -> Plugins -> Mount manager

    Now insert your USB and open the mount manager again

    Does your USB drive show up?
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  14. johnain

    johnain Registered

    Thanks yet again Wooshman. I am really grateful for your help. I did in fact try almost every USB known to mankind and the almighty. I travel for IT work most weeks so I also have loads of sticks knocing around.

    The great news is that I managed a backup into my big rear USB, set up ftp from a win 10 pc and now that backup is sitting snugly in its bed on that file system. Yippee.

    I will try your steps tomorrow. I bet they work.
  15. wooshman

    wooshman VIP Member Forum Supporter

    As you are running the H2S, windows 10 should be able to see the box over the network. Try \\zgemma2s in a window. I don't remember the last time I used FTP for any box.
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