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do these channels clear for anyone on euro sub

Discussion in 'Satellite - Motorised - Euro - Multi-LNB' started by fozzer, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. fozzer

    fozzer Registered

    hi does does diema sport 1 and 2 clear for anyone on 16e or 39e. also does any one get the Digi sports that show the 3 0clock football on 0.8w. thanks
  2. kegnkiwi

    kegnkiwi Registered

    Hi mate,

    in my channel list i have a couple of digi sport on 0.8w and yes one version of them do clear the hd version do not though. The one that is clearing is caid 1802. struggling with the dieama sport channels though.
  3. gilvey

    gilvey Registered

    Diema sport 1,2 clear on 39e but not on 16e for me
    Digi sport 1,2, 3,4 all clear on 0.8w sd and hd
  4. fozzer

    fozzer Registered

    Hi do the digi sports you get does one of them cover a 3pm epl on saturday