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do vu+ or edison receivers suffer from glitching/freezing

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by MisterB, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. MisterB

    MisterB TK Veteran

    hi, can anyone honestly say their more expensive receiver doesnt ever glitch? I am considering treating myself for Christmas, I already have openbox, star 2s and h2s and find the gemmas glitch/ freeze more than the openbox, or is it just my imagination ??

    I can put up with odd glitch but if the more expensive receivers don't glitch then I am tempted

    I know glitching can be server based etc aswell as internet/bt line, so nothing is 100% proof
  2. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    {Power Plant Operater
    I've got a mutant 2400 HD set up with Oscam and very rarely see a glitch. As you know everything is reliant on the internet so it's impossible to get a freeze/glitch free service.
    Personally I think the top end receivers with 1.3Ghz processor is the way to go.

    Edit: I started off with an openbox and I can honestly say for the money they are fantastic little receivers with a good picture quality ;-)
  3. gravehead

    gravehead TK Veteran

    I have fast internet and am just about to go into my 3rd year with what I consider a very good line provider, l am on cable and upgraded last weekend from an amiko mini combo HD to a technomate nano and the much more expensive box has glitched once since last Sunday which is about as frequent as the amiko did
  4. scoob197

    scoob197 TK Veteran

    I don't suffer from much freezing or glitching at all but to be fair I think it may be a combination of things:

    A wired connection and not wifi
    I use Google DNS as its better than my ISP's
    I have a premium receiver
    I run OScam with 3 severs (not saying you need 3, this is over the top) I do all I can so I don't get it in the neck from my family lol
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2016
  5. gmangt4

    gmangt4 TK Veteran

    There's to many variables to give a certain answer but I have a few "friends and family" with boxes and 99% of the calls I get are zgemma owners that wanted cheap, I also think the dual core 1.3ghz boxes are they way to go with internal HDD, like scoob197 said, use googles DNS or non-isp ones, 3 lines in oscam is good too, thats my setup and can't remember the last freeze I saw. I look at tech generally with the sme rules, will a higher spec phone, computer, Tv, tyres, lol give me a better experience, I was never convinced until I got myself a Vu+ box and that was it for me lol
  6. scoob197

    scoob197 TK Veteran

    Agree totally, there are so many variables. Server is key and IMO an erratic sever in the mix with good servers can also cause you a problem (ie more servers are not always better).
    My setup runs better with 1 of the 3 servers switched off lol
  7. Pale-Rider

    Pale-Rider Registered

    The receiver should have no effect on your line glitching at all unless the driver support is poor or just messed up or its a bloody old machine that should have been put out to pasture years ago, even then the receiver would be slow rather than glitching. Generally speaking any glitching would be directly associated with either your internet or the supplier of your line and not the receiver it self (unless the softcam is no longer effective in decoding the service in question).
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2016