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Edision OS Mini - hard drive options?

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by Slicker, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. Slicker

    Slicker Member

    Hi guys

    What's the best hard drive options for the box? I'm looking to save live TV and some movies.

    i know the box can handle upto USB 2.0

  2. gadget-man

    gadget-man Member

    I just use a USB 2.0 pen drive 128gb made by sandisk.

    works perfect.
  3. Slicker

    Slicker Member

    Cool. Is 128gb enough storage space?

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  4. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    ha ha cheapskate if on cable and recording a 1 tb externally powered one has room.
  5. gadget-man

    gadget-man Member

    I have cable and sat, but I'm only an occasional recorder, hence why it's plenty for me.
  6. Slicker

    Slicker Member

    Cool - I'll buy a large device. The Edision can only read it it's formatted fat32 right? Windows can only format up to 32gb fat32?

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  7. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    e 2 boxes setup by yourself will be changed from fat 32 once initialized and mounted ext3 -4.