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Edison argus mini ip

Discussion in 'Request a Satellite forum' started by eastlimerick, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. eastlimerick

    eastlimerick Registered

    Hi all
    I have an Edison Argus mini ip hd combo satellite box and would like to get it to connect to a server line. Below is what is on it at the moment,

    Software version 06000800_1.5.19
    Hardware version Apollo 14
    Loader version 1.1.6
    Latest update Mar 27th 2013
    Panel Version 02180109

    Anyone able to point me to the correct unofficial flash so I can hook it up I have found a few files but don't want to put the wrong one into it
    as always any help greatly appreciated

    I can get a test line no problem I have good broadband, I have connected other makes of boxes before so not a complete newbie, could someone please let me know how to flash this box and what firmware or software I need to do so
    Any help greatly appreciated
  2. thesultan09

    thesultan09 Registered

  3. eastlimerick

    eastlimerick Registered

    thesultan09, thanks, I looked at it already. The version on 'download centre edison', only takes me to loader version 1.1.6, which I have already. This version does not allow access to the net client config to enable me put in an server line. I can get vix images for edison os-mini and and os-mini plus, but they are different models to the edison argus mini ip. Just wondering if anybody else has successfully flashed an edison argus mini ip.
  4. eastlimerick

    eastlimerick Registered

    Problem solved. I downloaded and flashed the box with software from sat-soft web site. This gave me access to the net client menu.