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Friend wont take the plunge but moan about ££ of S*y

Discussion in 'Rant Room' started by ajt2412, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. ajt2412

    ajt2412 Member

    Why is it that friends moan about paying £50 + a month saying its a rip off and there skint, but when you offer to set them up with zgemma like what I have got they dont want to know saying does it have box sets because we watch a lot of them, I say you can get a something like what you have on it, then they ask can you record on it (i did have a f3 box at one time which you couldnt but not now) I said yes you can record. But still not interested. I wasnt doing it for any financial gain with them I was just trying to save them money, But still no.
    you just cant help some people.
    rant over.
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  2. marcus-g

    marcus-g Member Forum Supporter

    Box sets lol people are strange. Kodi on a £35 Amazon stick and you get all the box sets in the universe
  3. ajt2412

    ajt2412 Member

    I know marcus-g lets pay £600+ a year to watch boxsets, crazy?
    Gunshow im sure you would be able to sort one out for yourself being a member on this site. zgemma link for box, install wooshbuild latest, get a line/gift and away you go
    on the plus side of them not getting one, i wont get any phone call and txt asking how do do this, i cant get this etc
  4. gibbletts

    gibbletts TK Veteran

    Sky is convenient and part of what you pay for is all the extra stuff they say is free, not having hd is a big loss as well sd football unless you're watching on a small screen is horrible thankfully virgin haven't found a way to block it so I'm covered but I was guilty of paying sky for years just got sick of them giving deals to everyone but me.
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  5. mike123

    mike123 VIP Member

    you can get a worldwide HD package now on iptv for £70 a year
  6. marcus-g

    marcus-g Member Forum Supporter

    Maybe my eyesight is shot but, i don't get all the fuss surrounding HD.
    Only difference between SD and HD for me is HD looks brighter.
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  7. marcus-g

    marcus-g Member Forum Supporter

    lol i genuinely dont see it. Just looks brighter to me.
    Guess my old nan was right '' stop playing with that or you'll go blind'' lol
  8. grog68

    grog68 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    HD is better but for most of what we watch SD is perfectly good enough, HD not worth paying hundreds of pounds a year for.
  9. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    bit like saying a dvd is as good as a blu ray disk lol,think i have got a TRUEBLOOD series in full hd 1920 x 1080 and never have i seen anything as excellent quality and sound on a blu ray.

    if you dont have the goods then stick to old skool vcr lol.
  10. mariegriff

    mariegriff Member

    This is exactly the same as my sister, she's paying Sky £84 a month, £20 for broadband and the rest on the packages, she's seen my box and I convinced her to get one, she phones up sky to cancel.....and because they've knocked £30 off her packages, she's just signed up for another year...I could have killed her, I guess there's no helping some people
  11. smart mart

    smart mart Member

    Ha sounds like me!, just waiting for the last week of the 30 days notice then all systems go.
  12. asmad

    asmad Member

    I've got my zgemma h2s all set up. Looking forward to phoning sky next week to give them their 31 days notice. Last December I called them up and they reduced my bill by £20 pm, so I stayed with them.

    After 25 years, they said they couldn't reduce it any further. Entertainment, multi room, HD pack and Sky F1 sport as a legacy package. (f1's only reason I stayed)

    Couple of weeks later and my brother tells me he had done the same. Only difference was that he's now paying less than half what I was!!!!!!!

    They gave me a 9 month discount but need me agree to a 12 month contract. Tuesday is 31 days until that 12 months is up. Finally I'll be free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. gibbletts

    gibbletts TK Veteran

    Wait til your watching sport in sd it will make yours eyes bleed, so glad I have cable tuners
  14. asmad

    asmad Member

    There is that gibbletts! But I've been watching the footie on kodi for a while now and that just makes my head hurt. Bit of an improvement, but I'm definitely gonna miss F1 HD next year.
  15. Lanzarote16

    Lanzarote16 Member Forum Supporter

    The more people I can get away from Sky the better, I was with them for 5yrs payed a lot of money as soon as I wanted to end my contract they said they would reduce my bill by 75% and a £100 add to my credit, I just flipped at them and that was 2yrs ago.
    I did manage to get two of my friends away from sky and set them up with Zgemma 2s boxes which they bought themselves pointing them in the right direction, I downloaded Wooshbuild v4, got them lines and they could not believe the result for little money,they where over the moon.
    That made me very happy just to see there faces.

  16. asmad

    asmad Member

    Sky are trying to phone me twice a day now but my call blocker isn't letting them through lol. 20+ years paying a fortune into Rupert Murdochs pockets, and I'm now so glad to be away.

    These little boxes with a good setup are brilliant. Seeing really is believing. So far I've got 5 people set up with them and given their notice to Sly! And I've still got about 2 weeks until my Sky's actually turned off.

    Guess we can't get everybody to leave sky because then they'd not be showing TV and movies any more.
  17. slate1234

    slate1234 Member

    my sly ended two weeks ago I have been watching sports in sd no problem, sly have rang up 6 times today her in doors
    says, hope they ring tonight so I can tell them to sod off
  18. Lanzarote16

    Lanzarote16 Member Forum Supporter

    Keep plugging away

    Keep on trying as I will

    ---------- Post Merged at 05:03 PM ----------

    Each person that leave sky, poor Rubert is down at least £100 per month approx due to us guys helping our friends and family to leave Murdoch & co with our great little Zgemma boxes isn't that a great feeling.
  19. Lanzarote16

    Lanzarote16 Member Forum Supporter

    Thank for the like, keep up the good work
  20. KDub

    KDub Member

    I have a friend just like this! Sly were ripping her off as usual, I told her to get the box I'm getting, instead calls up Sly and signs up for another contract... £40 a month which I presume she thinks is a bargain since they were charging her £70 before!

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