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Glitching help needed!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by bonnyjohnny, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. bonnyjohnny

    bonnyjohnny Member

    Hi all had an f5s for a while that used to glitch and say scrambled so have done a few things to try and combat this like new box zgemma h2s also cat 6 ethernet cable from box to router also made sure dish is set perfect, new cable from dish to box, the next thing that im going to try is ditch the standard plusnet router for a new one as when the channel freezes which is some nights every 3 minutes i know when its going to come back on by looking at my router as the ethernet light flashes and it comes straight back on, failing that after new router installed and still doing it should i be contacting the provider about the server? im not one to moan thats why im doing these steps first....... thanks whats everyones views? or does anybody know of any solution or fixes?
  2. dillyp70

    dillyp70 PETER DILWORTH

    Your doing things correctly mate
    By process of elimination you will no were the problem lies.
    I did have a similar issue a while ago if my screen froze i could tell when it would come back on by looking at router that was talk talk who were terrible.
    Since moving to vm fibre with some superhub thing its been perfect (with help from alcable lol)
  3. benijofar

    benijofar Super Moderator Staff Member Forum Supporter

    You have done everything correctly so far.
    After the router change if it persists then get a test line to see if it still glitches.
    If it does then contact provider and see what changes can be made.
  4. bonnyjohnny

    bonnyjohnny Member

    just ordered a new router arrives on saturday its not over expensive was a dual band modem for £50 which must be better than the free one from plusnet so was thinking about limiting phones and other wireless stuff during peak hours and give the box priority but like you both have said if still persists then a few test lines will only eliminate the latter.
  5. dillyp70

    dillyp70 PETER DILWORTH

    The box dosent need speed it just needs a constant connection between box and server so they can talk lol
    If the connection drops theres no communication so it will freeze.
    Hopefully the new router sorts it for you mate.
    Post back your results.
  6. bonnyjohnny

    bonnyjohnny Member

    yeah understand that pal will check back with results hopefully getting rid of the glorified micro filter wiv lights will do the trick
  7. LJSAT

    LJSAT Member

    As a test whilst you wait for the router, try to set a constant ping running from the box or a laptop etc and see if the glitching goes away.
    I had something similar when my router used to decide it wasn't getting asked for enough data often enough so had a cough and quit, setting a constant ping running with a script on startup fixed it....moved on since those days mind. :)
  8. moshibeth

    moshibeth TK Veteran

    I would use mgcamd as its more stable which can help with the freezing and also try out a couple of other test lines
  9. bonnyjohnny

    bonnyjohnny Member

    i always had 1 cable running from my old box to sky dish and i know that my zgemma is twin tuner do ya think it would help if i ran 2 and have both cams running and hope the other picks up the lag of the first or is it only really essential if wanting to record a second channel whilst watching another?

    got mgcamd 1.38 running is this the best for a cccam? keep having to keep putting my line info back in at least once a week for some reason but otherwise works fine

    as for ping yeah i think the plusnet routers lack and are not customisable nor upgradable via firmware just mas produced in japan and gave to us for the price of postage and packing
  10. LJSAT

    LJSAT Member

    just set the ping running on the zgemma and see if the glitching goes...telnet onto the box and run something like

    ping bbc.co.uk

    the plusnet routers aren't the best, probably go to sleep to save try lengthen the life of the poor parts.
  11. bonnyjohnny

    bonnyjohnny Member

    sorry for being thick but how would i do this?

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    open always to try new stuff and learn
  12. LJSAT

    LJSAT Member

    you're not being thick mate, no one knows what to do the first time.

    do you have a PC Laptop or a MacBook to hand?
  13. LJSAT

    LJSAT Member

    which one, instructions slightly differ.
  14. bonnyjohnny

    bonnyjohnny Member

    pc desktop have filezilla if thats needed
  15. LJSAT

    LJSAT Member

    o.k - easiest thing to do is to download 'putty' its a free telnet client.

    Link here - PuTTY Download Page

    Scroll down a little and then download the putty installer (in the green panel) called putty.exe

    Once downloaded run it and you'll be presented with the application and a box to enter the IP address of your zgemma box.
    Enter the IP and click the little box underneath which says TELNET then click open at the bottom.
    Youll then be asked for the login details for your box, which will be root unless you've altered it.

    Hit me back if you get this far
  16. bonnyjohnny

    bonnyjohnny Member

    yep following you mate also writing it down as knowing a little of something new is better than not knowing mate think of it as home work ready for tomorrows exam keep going
  17. LJSAT

    LJSAT Member

    once you've connected to the ZGemma you can then run the following command

    ping bbc.co.uk (press enter to confirm it)

    This will then echo the bbc.co.uk server and you will see a the replies begin to fill the screen.
    Leave this running and see if your box still glitches, if it does then thats the test run and you can rule the router going to sleep out.
    If it doesnt then that could be the cause and you have a few options....you could set a background ping running which can be done but lets just stick with the test for now :)

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    P.S To stop the ping running after testing I believe you can press

    ctrl and c - in the putty application.
  18. bonnyjohnny

    bonnyjohnny Member

    will give that a try tomorrow pal as im curious as to how to do it but thanks very much for your valued time on this
  19. LJSAT

    LJSAT Member

    no problem