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H.2H or H.2S

Discussion in 'Zgemma Star H.2H' started by Warmapple, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Warmapple

    Warmapple Registered

    Hey there, I am in the market for a new box. I have a dish and VM into my house. I like the look of the H.2H box. One thing that is confusing me is that would I have 100s of duplicated channels on the box e.g bbc1 on sly and bbc1 on VM? I don't see an advantage of having both providers? would it just give me a couple of extra channels? So why wouldn't I Just buy a H.2S box? I hope this makes sense. Cheers
  2. Willo3092

    Willo3092 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    The advantage of VM is that you will be able to get HD channels whereas you will only get SD on Sly.
    There are channels that you can only get on Sly though, like Atlantic.
  3. systemlord

    systemlord TK Veteran

    Well for one, you get HD with VM which you can't get on satellite.
  4. Warmapple

    Warmapple Registered

    Ahh I see, but there is no actual need for me to plug in the sly and the VM at the same time? (I saw a video on youtube showing to do this) I can just use the VM and that should be job done?

  5. wooshman

    wooshman VIP Member Forum Supporter

    The only real advantage of the H2H is that virgin till have HD channels. The downside is that you need both a slyk AND vm line - the VM being the expensive one.

    Dsayers H2H build has one channel list on the EPG and automatically adds the VM HD channels in the right places. So you need a Sat and VM connction for record one and watch another

    The H2S uses twin sat tuners as standard but you don't have the Sly HD channels, only FTA HD.

    As far as I know you don't get any extra channels as such, unless you call HD an extra channel.

    EDIT: do I type slowly? No bugger had answered when I started
  6. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    With sly you also get sly Atlantic that isn't available on vm im not sure if there's a few more sly exclusive channels.

    There's a new H5.2tc in the market no official uk release date yet but that has twin cable and one sat so will be interesting when it comes out.
  7. mickh1971

    mickh1971 Registered

    Currently have H2S but thinking of changing my broadband to VM as offer for £18 per month without the need for a phone line. I would prefer to watch the Sly sports and movies in HD so I assume its a no brainer to change to the H2H.

    If I run the H2H with just the VM cable plugged in can you still record two channels while watching a recording or do I need to use one of the Sly cables to record two channels?


  8. tcoaster

    tcoaster Registered

    You will need sly and vm plugged in aswell a line for each to record one channel and watch another on a H2H
  9. ASH71

    ASH71 Registered

    As it is a twin tuner - one sat and one cable- you need both coming in, might be worth your while to look at other box options, maybe a twin cable tuner.
  10. mickh1971

    mickh1971 Registered

    Ah ok with it now, I would need to pay for two lines to keep recording as is while gaining the HD channels. Cheers