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H.2S help needed!!

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by mintymurray2, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. mintymurray2

    mintymurray2 Member

    Hi guys, bought a zgemma h.2s and a m8 set it up using wooshbuild v5 and a 500 gb external. Works fine untill i het a loading wheel up, than I can't do anything. Can't change channel ect untill its gone. Also i had a message coming up saying error , disk full? Any ideas on how to fix?

    Ive already set it up again , swap file has been created and tried to re initialise the hard drive but again error!

    I'm new to allthis this, and I have received some usefull advice from this forum by members, please be gentle haha

    I appreciate your time


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    Apparently I can't speel either :(

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  2. Moofmilker

    Moofmilker Member

    Power down the box and turn off at the white switch on the back panel and then format your hard drive on windows to fat 32 or Ext 3
    Plug your drive back in and re do the initialization and swap file
  3. mintymurray2

    mintymurray2 Member

    Will give it a try Its already on ext 3, so ill give it a go , thanks
  4. mintymurray2

    mintymurray2 Member

    Didn't work :( and I get an error message when i try and initialise the drive as wel as record :( dam

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  5. grog68

    grog68 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Unplug the hdd for a few seconds then plug it back in, then do the initialise/swap file. Once you've done that make sure it is mounted on /media/hdd
  6. Alien Heads

    Alien Heads TK Veteran

    Make sure timeshift is disabled.
  7. mintymurray2

    mintymurray2 Member

    Sorry grog68- no luck! And Alien Heads- won't disabling timeshift stop the pause and rewind ect ? Thanks
  8. Moofmilker

    Moofmilker Member

    Back up your line and re flash with your hard drive plugged in the back