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H2s freezing

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by bluegashead, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. bluegashead

    bluegashead Registered

    Hi all, I've just connected a H2S box but it keeps freezing every couple of minutes then Un freezing. I have tried 2 different ethernet cables but it's still happening. The satelite wire is also fine as it's what the fitter did so the connections are good. I have a very long ethernet cable as it's going from bedroom upstairs to modem downstairs so I'm assuming the legnth isn't an issue any help would be much appreciated thanks.

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    Just realised if I dis connect the other ethernet cables from my virgin media modem and just leave the one I'm using in it stops freezing so cold I be over loading it and if so how can I get around this? Cheers
  2. thesultan09

    thesultan09 TK Veteran

    Are you using the same line/gift on both boxes and are they multiroom.That can cause the problem you described,more so as its fine if only 1 box is connected.
  3. Enzo_89

    Enzo_89 Registered

    Maybe limited to 1 sign in for line and your using 2

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