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Help needed to setup blade 800 combo from scratch

Discussion in 'Blade Media BM8000 Combo' started by b2bail, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. b2bail

    b2bail Registered

    Hi all I bought this thing about 12mths ago had issues setting up then and with working away most the time its just sat there since. had a dreambox before on a motor dish but kept getting let down with new patches so gave up as a bad idea an bought this blade as told SO easy to set up and get working, yea right. I'm a complete dummy when comes to this so any help would be great. I want it to work via motor sat dish an then get a cline for it. thanks in advance

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    8000 combo not 800
  2. rhinoranger

    rhinoranger Registered

    just seen your post -: what problems are you having ?,9991 on remote for server menu,to enter line press ok then 9991 again to enter your line,a lot of it is trial and error,to have a good scan -: tuner 2 for cable scan set to power scan on that scan look for frequency step, on the first scan i alter it to 0.5 but you will have to be very patient because on that scan it has to scan in the cable transponders first then it scans for channels (it takes a long time) on the 0.5 frequency step it will scan through every transponder on cable, once you have done that scan and the cable transponders are scanned in you can just scan on 'auto'scan' when there is a transponder change on the cable channels you will know when there is a transponder change the channels will go 'missing',you will need to put the channels in the favourites the hard way on the favorites menu,on your remote the favorites go on the 'group button middle right on your remote, what i mean is DON'T use 'blade online for your channel list because if you do it knocks the cable channels off,when you start putting the channell in the favorites you will see the word 'rename' if you press the red button you can then rename the favorites to what you want sports,movies ect,->satellite scan, the first scan on satellite look for blind scan and its the same thing look to alter frequency step 1 or 0.5 and on that scan it will scan in every transponder.it does not take as long to scan on satellite if your scanning for sky uk look for 28.2E in the satellite list and press ok then scan on that satellite,again DON'T use blade online for the channel list it will knock off the cable channels,if you just using the blade just for satellite its ok,do a factory reset before scanning BUT once you have your chaanels scanned in you should not need to do a factory reset,when you have scanned in the channels and in the future you can 'auto' scan,when need to scan DON'T use (delete all channels) that will also knock all channels off, i delete any unwanted channels one by one,it not as bad has it sounds if you press delete in the menu you can then delete single or multiple channels by just keep pressing the ok button and you will see a cross or a mark appear at the side of each channel you want to delete when you press exit you will see a box appear for you to save changes,try it on satellite because satellite is easier to scan,remember don' be afraid of pressing buttons you can always start again by doing a factory reset and starting again,thats the way i learned on the blade,if it gets to much have a day or two off it do a bit of reading on the forums,again trial and error is the key,'and a bit of patience',they are a good box so its worth the effort,good luck !!!!!