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Discussion in 'Enigma2 - Plugins' started by darcyyy97, Mar 24, 2018.

  1. darcyyy97

    darcyyy97 Registered

    "HRTunerProxy" allows Plex to use E2 tuners for LiveTV & Recordings. Stumbled across it in the plugins section on my Vu+ and was wondering if anyones had any success with this ? If so what sort of set up do you have / need.

    I couldn't find anything on here related to "HRTunerProxy" and google doesn't seem to want to simplify it either.

    ASHHBI TK Veteran

    Yes it works great. I’m sure you need a Plex pass for it to work.
    Install HR tuner proxy on your box.
    Open it up and set your tuner to use and bouquets (set mine to all)
    Restart receiver.
    Sign into your plex account on pc.
    Go to settings/server/live tv & server.
    You should see your box has been found. If not enter it address of box adding:6081.
    Follow setup screens.
    Press continue on first screen. (No need to scan channels they should be already there)
    Next screen type in first 3 letters of postcode.
    Next screen will take a minute a so to pull info.
    Next screen tick the channels you want to show from your box on your plex screen.
    I just pick the ones I watch.
    Press continue. It will now take a while to initial the channel info.
    You can now go to view program guide
    All done. You will see the layout of what’s on now on your channels. And what’s on soon.
    I watch it on my phone, pc and iPad no problem.
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  3. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    there is another function which one can use,on a tm sat box i have client mode enabled which brings my cable channels and epg to the tm and disables the not connected sat tuner as it reduces main box to 1 tuner if using second box in same time,not in use then 2 tuners are usable on main box.
  4. darcyyy97

    darcyyy97 Registered

    Interesting thanks chaps
  5. satzzz

    satzzz Registered

    Apologies for bringing up an old thread. I've installed on my enigma2 box, i've setup the plugin to read satellite and ALL,. I open the DVR setting in PLex but I can get to the stage where it locates the tuner but I get an error message of "There was a problem getting the channels for your device"
    It also won't let me scan for channels.
    Has anyone seen this message?
    I get the feeling its something silly
  6. fridayshoes

    fridayshoes Registered

    Works well on my Zgemma H.2H with my Synology NAS running Plex server.

    Previously I was trying to stream channels when I wasn't at home using OpenWebif but my home internet connection wasn't fast enough to send the uncompressed video. Since the Zgemma H.2H doesn't support transcoding (as it isn't powerful enough) the HRTunerProxy plugin is able to send the uncompressed video to the Plex server on my home network, the Plex server then transcodes the video to a more compressed size that is easier to stream to the Plex client on a remote connection.

    To set up follow @ASHHBI instructions above for installing the HRTunerProxy plugin on your TV receiver first. (Latest version of plugin can found here)

    Then set up Plex Server on your NAS/PC. After that follow these instructions to help you connect Plex's Live TV & DVR functionality to the TV receiver that is running the HRTunnerProxy plugin.

    During step 6, this page for Virmin and this page for Sly to help you figure out how to map the channels to the bouquet (bouquet list on the left, provider list on the right)

    Here's another page that helps with when channels get renamed at certain times of year and contains other lists of channels for Freeview, Freesat, etc
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2018
  7. fridayshoes

    fridayshoes Registered

    There's also a semi active thread here if anyone needs to ask questions etc