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Installing Linux Distros onto USB [Live boot]

Discussion in 'Linux From Scratch' started by dan-ger-ous, Oct 15, 2011.


    Download, extract and run the attachment on my post:

    This USB Installer will give you a list of various linux distros that you can boot from USB and allow you to download the ISO to your computer, it then will write the ISO to your USB and also make your USB bootable.

    Tested with KNOPPIX 6.7 on a 1GB USB stick and works great

    Attached Files:

  1. subzeer0

    subzeer0 Registered

    yet i struggled to get my sandisk to read off this...had to go back to basics for bunty 11.10

    but am sure it works

    nice one
  2. I have it running with my netbook that has Windows 7 starter installed. Welcome to the linux scene. :thumbs up:
  3. subzeer0

    subzeer0 Registered

    linux mint is the one i use 95% of the time,,,,,have been for yonks yet still have to drift into windas for some stuff...i use the virtualbox at times but just too lazy
  4. I need to start using linux for educational commitments. So decided to go with Ubuntu, a good GUI interface OS with many features, but an OS that also allows me to use the terminal to issue commands, which is my main purposes to installing linux, need to get used to the environment. :thumbs up:

    Your sandisk, it isn't a U3 cruzer drive is it? If it is, then i've been told that these drives can cause problems when trying to boot OS's
  5. ferguj1

    ferguj1 Super Duper Modulator Staff Member

    Everyone of these that I have ever had, I completely wipe the drive and reformat. All of the stuff that comes on them is a hassle and worthless in my opinion.
    Another vote for Mint here by the way.
  6. bickyz

    bickyz Registered

    helpful information, thank you.