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iPhone7 v's 7Plus

Discussion in 'Apple iPhone' started by Jeffvader78, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Jeffvader78

    Jeffvader78 Member

    Anyone have any advice which one is the Best Buy?


  2. javajoeuk

    javajoeuk Member

    which one do u prefer
  3. gravehead

    gravehead Member

    the 7 plus is too big, you may as well have a tablet in your pocket.
    rather have a lumia
  4. Syndr0me

    Syndr0me Member

    I've got a 6S plus and it's a quality iphone! If you try using a smaller one now it's like trying to use a matchbox lol! I'd get a bigger one mate but I didn't get the 7 because of the no headphone jack and also the home button is touch sensitive which I really didn't like. Only my opinion though!
  5. edward20000

    edward20000 Member

    I would have 7plus as I had 6plus which was more powerful and better

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