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Issues with the CAM

Discussion in 'Zgemma Star H.2H' started by Lats, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. Lats

    Lats Member

    I am trying out a test VM line and having issues getting it to show channels.
    So far I am able to view some of the channels like bbc & itv, but when it comes to others, I am not able to get the VM line to work.

    VM line I have looks like below and I copy and paste this this to /usr/keys cccam.cfg and newcamd.list (just to be sure).

    N: address.com 12345 xxx xxx 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

    I then go to SoftCam Panel and restart both cams (cccam & mgmcamd), but nothing happens.
    I must be missing something somewhere.

    Any tips?
  2. gmangt4

    gmangt4 TK Veteran

    You can only run one cam at a time, stop both and only enable autostart on one and only start/restart one

    Your line for newcamd.list needs the n:replaced with CWS =
    Make sure you leave a space after the = sign.
  3. Lats

    Lats Member

    Done that.
    I have stopped both cams and selected mgmcamd_1.38r1 now and only started that.
    Re-modified my newcamd.list and replaced N: with CWS= (space after = ), restarted the cam and still nothing!

    Where do I check if the channel I am trying to watch is getting a strong signal? I know how to check overall signal strength, but is there one for each channel?
    I am wondering if there is nothing there and just a channel name!?
  4. gmangt4

    gmangt4 TK Veteran

    Do you have a proper mg_cfg file in user keys folder too? As needed to run mgcam
  5. Lats

    Lats Member

    can you tell me what the mgm_cfg should contain? I have seem to have pasted the line in there as well.
  6. gmangt4

    gmangt4 TK Veteran

    Go to downloads on here and download an mg_cfg folder and overwrite yours with it

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    Maybe try these ones?

  7. Lats

    Lats Member

    All working now. I have replaced everything and also got a mate to send me the mgm.cfg file. Rebooted the box and also got another line from a different provider.
    Not sure which one fixed it, but it is fixed! :D

    Thanks for your help on this.