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Kodi or Skybox

Discussion in 'Kodi - Android box - Firesticks - MXQ' started by skirmish, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. skirmish

    skirmish Member

    Hoping someone can advise please.
    I currently have a Skybox F5 which gives me the channels I watch, namely Skysports and BT Sport for football and F1, and Sky Arts. I'm wondering if an Android box with Kodi could give me the same as I'm considering switching to that type of provider.
    If it could then any advice or suggestions on which box or seller would be much appreciated.
  2. andy86

    andy86 Member

    An android box is not really best for your live sky channels you'll be much better off getting something like a zgemma what an android box is great for is tv shows and movies etc

    You can buy a vu+ box that would give you both but imo it's not worth the extra money you pay zgemma and a separate android box is much more cost efficient
  3. skirmish

    skirmish Member

    Thanks for the reply Andy.
    Can you or someone please explain what I'll get extra by having a zgemma over the Skybox that I currently have? Maybe I don't need an Android box?
  4. andy86

    andy86 Member

    It will be much better it will fully replicate a real sky box you'll get the sky skin and full epg and TV guides you'll also be able to watch one channel whilst you record another
  5. MisterB

    MisterB TK Veteran

    I think youre asking the wrong questions!

    I think you need to ask yourself what you actually want to watch - which is totally different than picking something then wondering if what it does is what you want?

    when you've decided what it is you want to watch etc AND what you WILL ACTUALLY WATCH ! then you can pick suitable devices to deliver.
  6. andycook

    andycook Member

    With a skybox you can flick through the channels like you would on normal sly tv. with most andriod boxes you can get everything but youll find there is a search/loading time which can be abit annoying.
  7. johnsmiths

    johnsmiths Member

    Skybox and android media box with Kodi both are different and used for different purposes. If you are looking for android media box with Kodi; you should go for HD Subs.
  8. pisshead

    pisshead Member

    I'm taking a guess here in thinking you probably have a computer whether it be windows or Mac or an android device or something, right ?
    If so, connect your computer or device to your tv in whatever way you need to, no need for buying an extra box.

    Just download the latest main kodi install for whatever device you have and then download and add on the most up to date FULL Kodi build that is out for current date so that you get fully loaded channels and addon/plugins etc and its a breeze man, there are new ones coming out every other day and they are always shown on youtube, there is no need to buy any daft devices like boxes etc that you mention unless of course you dont have a seperate device, I have Kodi on my Windows 10 pc and it runs perfect. Just saying.

    Here is a very very simple guide to follow >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQnjfhtEsK0
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2016
  9. Taylerlee

    Taylerlee Member

    Agree with above used to use android box found laptop a lot easier and more efficient. If I want it via tv have long hdmi. On Saturday have 3pm kickoff via Irish Sly on satellite. Next to it have another 3pm match on a foreign Kodi channel on laptop. As for films and tv series I use Kodi but also find Showbox on tablet very fast particularly for downloading. Put ten at a time on sticks, always have one plugged in tv as extra resource, no buffering! Deffinately quicker than kodi or torrent sites for downloading.

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  10. Taylerlee

    Taylerlee Member

    Re above just a last thought re Showbox you can run it on a pc with an emulator such as Bluestacks but I find them a bit unstable And prefer to run android apps on an android device.

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