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Kodi Plug In Help

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by cwhit81, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. cwhit81

    cwhit81 Member


    I'm trying to get Kodi direct onto my zgemma but not having any luck. I'm going into menu then into plug ins and selecting download plug ins but then just get a blank page. I'm new to the zgemma so some help would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. dungeon

    dungeon Member

    Honestly don't bother, if it does install there's a 90% chance it will cause a bootloop on reboot and even when it works its slow as all hell and barely usable.
  3. SiloSpark

    SiloSpark Member

    When you say you go to the plugins is it already downloaded and you are clicking that icon or or you opening plugin downloads and then trying to download it?
  4. Enzo_89

    Enzo_89 Member

    Not worth it you need min 2gb ram to run good and quad core

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  5. SiloSpark

    SiloSpark Member

    I run it no problem on my Zgemma H.2S have been since day one. He could always download TS Media
  6. cwhit81

    cwhit81 Member

    Basically, I bought a zgemma H.2S off ebay 4 months ago with everything already on it so was using Kodi before. I recently had issues with the box not detecting my remote so I re flashed it after searching tutorials on how to do it. I was hoping this would solve it but it didn't and it turned out to be a faulty IR sensor so I soldered a new one in to get it working again. Now I don't have Kodi after re flashing it and cant find instructions on how to get it back other than to go into plug ins and select download plug ins but when I do this nothing comes up. its just blank
  7. SiloSpark

    SiloSpark Member

    Do you not have any image backups? im guessing its a flashing issue as even though since updating i cant view anything on my box i can download the kodi plugin