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Max USB stick size?

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by itskenallen, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. itskenallen

    itskenallen Member

    Hi guys,

    Just wondering what's the max USB stick size the H2s supports. I've got a few 128 & 256Gb's from China (reputable brands) and can't get any of them to work. I've low level formatted them, tried fat 32, NTFS all to no avail. I'm using the rear port ofc.i tried initially using OpenVix and they initialised fine but kept saying '/hdd/movie is not writable'.. then tried a flash of Wooshbuild V4 OpenATV and it keeps failing at the initialisation of the usb stage. Any ideas?

    I already have one box running fine on a USB hdd with OpenVix so it seems to be with the USB stick only.

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  2. dillyp70

    dillyp70 PETER DILWORTH

    Fake sticks
  3. itskenallen

    itskenallen Member

    They work fine for file storage on my pc so please elaborate

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  4. systemlord

    systemlord TK Veteran

    Have you tried filling them up all the way? A sign of a fake is it has much less capacity than it says on the tin.
  5. itskenallen

    itskenallen Member

    No I haven't tried filling them up. My pc recognises them, let's me transfer files etc.

    My question is... Is there a max USB stick size that the Zgemma supports or has anyone used a usb stick (not hdd) bigger than 64Gb?

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  6. asmad

    asmad Member

    No maximum size that I know of. I've been running 128gb on a few boxes and some on 2tb HDD's

    Try formatting them to fat32 and if that doesn't work try NTFS. Insert in the front USB and initialise it.

    Systemlords suggestion is a valid point regarding eBay memory sticks. doesn't matter what your PC says as it means nothing. Try transferring a very large (but known quantity) to the USB stick. If it holds it successfully then you may have a genuine USB. Even then if it's a knock off stick the zgemma may not work with it.
  7. dillyp70

    dillyp70 PETER DILWORTH

    Will be fake
    From china says it all. I bet they was a considerable amount cheaper than from tesco argos currys etc.

    Here is a test go to currys buy a 128gb from there and it will work perfect.
  8. djgarf

    djgarf TK Veteran

    Try copying some films onto the sticks and fill up at least 3/4 of the stick then try playing them back
  9. stuntdouble

    stuntdouble Member

    Agree its probably fake, bought a cheap 64GB one a while back, all was fine putting small amounts of data on but when i put larger stuff on it got corrupted.reckon the real capacity was about 8GB if that and was completely unreliable.
  10. itskenallen

    itskenallen Member

    Not everything from china is fake. But I get what everyone is saying. I have bought usb sticks from there before and they worked fine. This is a first.

    And mostly its cheaper to buy a portable hdd than a large USB stick so a wasted exercise buying a 128Gb from Curry's.

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  11. dillyp70

    dillyp70 PETER DILWORTH

    Not everything from china no.
    Most products on ebay, Amazon, alibaba or were ever else sre.
    As you pointed out its cheaper to buy a portable hdd than it is a 128gb usb from Curry's.
    So when you got a 256gb usb for 8.99 or prob less alarm bells should of rang.
    The saying if it seems to good to be true it probably is springs to mind.
    Your not the first mate and wont be the last there is softwate to check the maximum capacity of your stick online mate
    I got my 500gb hdd for £40 i think from argos and had no problems if you want a recommendation for a new one.
  12. Burlesy

    Burlesy TK Veteran

    Wouldn't even attempt using a cheap 128gb+ stick on a zgemma, soon as it gets hot from data transfer, you'll be running into numerous amounts of errors.
  13. itskenallen

    itskenallen Member

    I'll check out that software, thx. Those USB sticks I just wanted to try out and see if they worked. Some were belong to others, just wondered why NONE would work. Funnily enough I got a few 8Gb ones myself from China a while back and they all work fine in the Zgemma.
    Yiu are right though, alarm bells did and do ring with me. But seeing as though they are sitting there and work for file storage I thought I'd try them in the Zgemma. I didn't specifically buy them for this purpose. I'm not that green. I use a 1Tb portable hdd in my own zgemma.

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  14. Delta

    Delta Member

    Those sticks are fake. Definitely.

    Use this little utility to tell you their true size. (Shall we have a sweepstake? :) )

    H2testw Download
  15. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    most vips and vets if using external hdd would use a proper externally powered one and not a portable that could burn out usb port.
  16. wooshman

    wooshman VIP Member Forum Supporter

    I been plugged in for 12 months and still waiting for the magic expensive smoke Cacti... maybe one day eh??
  17. Stevie135s

    Stevie135s Member

    Didnt know that Windows gave the option to format any drive above 32gb with fat32. Could try a format to NTFS with surface scan.

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  18. itskenallen

    itskenallen Member

    Well. OK.. I hate being wrong but I'm also the first to admit if I AM wrong. In this case, you guys win. That test above told me my usb sticks could be corrupted so I guess they're fit for the bin.

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  19. RustyMG

    RustyMG TK Veteran

    Got to admit, Im with Woosh.
    Ive been building and repairing PC's since, hmm, probably 1991, when soundcards has SCSI sockets on them (mad combo!), been using devices with usb ports since USB 1.1 was a twinkle in USB 1.0's eye, and am (unfortunately) responsible for just over 100 PC's, several laptops, and several Microsoft Surface Pro's, as well as the VPN's, and network.
    And, in all my years, with people inserting and removing usb devices as often as the wind changes direction, and using portable self powered HD's, Ive never once, ever, came across a burned out USB port.

    Maybe Im just the luckiest guy in IT..........

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    They arent corrupted - they are fake.
    It will, as are 99.9% of them, be a 4 or 8 gig flashed to give the capacity the seller wants it to show.
    Thats why people were suggesting copy some files onto it and play them back.
    if you tried to copy over say 64gigs worth of video files and play them back, youd have found out they wouldnt play, hence a fake.
  20. Stevie135s

    Stevie135s Member

    Many fakes will be manufacturer rejects so it is quite possible to get a branded memory stick which is unable to hold the stated capacity. Read the small print offered by the seller.

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