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Mgcam. Not restarted automatically. Settings?

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by richsimpson, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. richsimpson

    richsimpson Member

    Noticed the cam had stopped a few times in last few days.
    Actually it seems to freeze at midnight if not on a paid channel and need restarting.

    So for example box was in standby on a free view channel overnight. Been on all afternoon on free channels then go to a paid channel and blank screen.
    Go to restart cam and see it last connected at 23.59.35 last night. Just before midnight.
    Restart and perfect.

    I can create same issue. Watch sky1 and restart gui. The box won't go back on without a cam restart.

    What dhould my settings be?

    I am on latest woosh build.

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  2. matieboy

    matieboy TK Veteran

    Not sure why you are in that screen but does your line have the first Line CWS_KEEPALIVE = 60

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  3. richsimpson

    richsimpson Member

    Yes got it at 60

    that screen was all I could see that talked about sottcam settings. Thought might mean something.
  4. matieboy

    matieboy TK Veteran


  5. richsimpson

    richsimpson Member

    Yes I know how to restart with menu/ok/ok. Wondering why I have to. I thought it restarted by itself.

    Should there be more options in that screen?

    if you watch a paid channel and restart gui does it come back on or need cam restarting.
  6. matieboy

    matieboy TK Veteran

    Not sure why you want to restart GUI for that to happen, need to have think,
    You on wooshbuild v5, and what version of openatv you have running

  7. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    mgcamd should have ability to autostart when setting up 1.38
  8. richsimpson

    richsimpson Member

    It's 5.3 and woosh 5.003. Whatever the latest is.

    Yes its its a bit random but I can make it happen by restarting gui. It reboots to a black screen and you have to force the cam to restart to get channels back.

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    It is 1.38 mgcam. Any idea where I check the setting for auto restart cactikid?
  9. matieboy

    matieboy TK Veteran

    Just looking at this, the only difference is that I have frozen cam check set to 1 min, but can't see that being the issue

  10. matieboy

    matieboy TK Veteran

    Could it be the mg_cfg file??

  11. richsimpson

    richsimpson Member

    Network retry in that file says
    n: (07)5 30

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    Is the mgcfg unique or same for everyone?
  12. matieboy

    matieboy TK Veteran

    Think it's the same , and that part is the same as mine

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  13. richsimpson

    richsimpson Member

    Ok cheers for looking
  14. danlou

    danlou Member

    you can try switching to a different emulator cccam or oscam?
  15. richsimpson

    richsimpson Member

    The Line provider from this site recommends mgcam but tried cccam and all seems fine.

    If I am running mgcam and restart gui the picture doesn't come back by itself. If I am running cccam it does.

    Been fine Ines up until recently. Weird but sorted anyway.

    Thanks for for the input and suggestions everyone.