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Moving home only have access to satellite

Discussion in 'Satellite - Motorised - Euro - Multi-LNB' started by TheLoverMan, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. TheLoverMan

    TheLoverMan Registered

    Moving soon and will not have access to my current provider virgin. I have a satellite setup with motor, if I install this can I get euro satellite sub that has English audio on all the major channels or will it be missing English audio?

    Kind regards
  2. Louis Cypher

    Louis Cypher Registered

    mostly english, some sport may be foreign language. depending on the size of your dish, you should get thousands of channels with many in hd, most having more than one audio stream which includes english. sats i use the most are 23.5e, 19.2 e, 13e, 0.8w & 30w.
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