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Newby to zgema

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by mil7215, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. mil7215

    mil7215 Member


    new to zgemma just got up and running and saying hello!
  2. DeanR1977

    DeanR1977 Member

    Welcome to the world of Zgemma & saving yourself some £/$/€'s

    sent from the past using my Zx Spectrum
  3. Rdaviesplast

    Rdaviesplast Member

    Hi guys, recently purchased the zgemma h2s. I've installed the wooshbuild sky q skin onto it, but really struggling to get my nline installed? Can't seem to find the right place to enter it? I've tried entering it thru FileZilla but to no joy! Any ideas, my head is fried!! Thanks
  4. Moofmilker

    Moofmilker Member

    Have you tried the usb installer?
  5. TheMacMan

    TheMacMan Member

    Put your nline on a fresh formatted to fat 32 flash drive.plug it in and run usb installer.
  6. kittycat

    kittycat Member

    Thanks for the info.
  7. Rdaviesplast

    Rdaviesplast Member

    I have tried formatting the USB and install the line from USB installer but still comes up to say there is nothing on the USB? What format do I use for the line on the USB for the box to reckonise it? I'm thinking maybe it's the wrong format on the USB so won't access it, it says it's a text file trough notepad? Is that right? Thanks
  8. Moofmilker

    Moofmilker Member

    It's got to be a .list file. There is a program in the downloads section that you enter your details on to and it saves the file in the correct way
  9. TheMacMan

    TheMacMan Member

    You have to call it newcamd.list
  10. Moofmilker

    Moofmilker Member

    Open the notepad file and re save as any file. Then rename to newcamd.list