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no channels not even bbc1?

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by raymac, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. raymac

    raymac Member

    Can someone please help I am a complete novice. Ive purchased a zgemma h.2s box and did some research on the way.
    Ive got the box and flashed wooshbuild v5 right away. however not one channel is working even bbc1? I thought it may be the satellite signal but ive plugged my old sky box in and everything is running fine (great signal).
    Am i doing something wrong on the way? Ive also got a Newcamd.list ready to go? any help would be great!
  2. wooshman

    wooshman VIP Member Forum Supporter

    Please ensure you have the cables plugged in to the right connections:


    If you have them plugged in to the right connections check the signal strength of both tuners.

    Menu -> Setup -> Service searching -> Signal finder - you will see this:

    [sp] screenshot.jpg [/sp]
    If the bars at the top don't have any % there is something wrong. Use the right button to change to tuner B and see if you have a signal on that one.
  3. raymac

    raymac Member

    yes i have done that?
    I wonder if its a faulty box? is there anyway to find this out?
  4. wooshman

    wooshman VIP Member Forum Supporter

    Yeah, see if you have any signal on either cable. If you have no signal on tuner A or B then something is not looking good.

    You could try a friends house - take abut 5 mins to test, a pain but will prove it one way or the other.
  5. raymac

    raymac Member

    Ive checked the signal on my old sky box and theres full signal on that with the same coaxil cables from satellite? Does that not prove that there is good signal on both tuner a and b?
  6. wooshman

    wooshman VIP Member Forum Supporter

    No, it shows that the sky box tuners are working. It doesn't show what the zgemma box is doing.

    I have given you the button presses which will take you to a dedicated signal tester on the box. You said you had done it when I first suggested it but now you say you did it on the Sky box. Without doing it on the H2S you won't now if it is the tuners or something else.
  7. raymac

    raymac Member

    Sorry for the confusion. I have checked the signal tester on the zgemma box and both are at 0%? There is no signal what so ever. Ive checked all connections in the back. However when i checked on the sky box and both say strong signal? is it the tuners in the zgemma box?
  8. wooshman

    wooshman VIP Member Forum Supporter

    Right OK. Yes it is looking like a tuner issue.

    As long as one cable is plugged in to "Tuner A in" on the H2S you should get a signal. Contact the seller and see if they have any suggestions.

    WooshBuild as standard is pre-tuned so you should see something if Tuner A is working. I have had people in the past call me because they have no picture and on closer inspection the copper centre pin has been too short and not gone far enough into the connector to work or the pin had been bent over. For the sake of 5 minutes it might be worth making the ends off again if you think the centre pins might be too short.
  9. raymac

    raymac Member

    OK, Im actually at work at the minute so ill try that when i get home and let u know how i get on. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the help :thumbsup:
  10. raymac

    raymac Member

    Hi, got everything sorted i am now up and running! It turned out that it was the dish and LNB. I got sky q in 2 weeks ago and they changed the dish and LNB. However it was far to expensive so i got it out. By good luck i still had my old dish and LNB. The LNB reads at a different frequency than the older ones so therefore is incompatible with z gemma boxes. I hope this helps people that was in my position! Good luck :thumbsup:

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    Ps. Wooshbuild v5 is amazing!!
  11. asmad

    asmad Member

    Good news! You can keep the new dish and just change the LNB. Should save you having to re aligin the dish.

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    Obviously rereading your post you're already up and running.