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nokia 6303ci unlock

Discussion in 'Nokia' started by afterburn, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. afterburn

    afterburn Registered

    Is there any way this can be unlocked for free. The nokia calculators don't seem to list this phone. Any ideas. It's locked to vodafone.ie
  2. mobileman

    mobileman Registered

    no free solutions as its BB5 security

    network will be your best option, possibly free if out of contract on a pay monthly vodafone sim if not around £15 at unlock shop using bb5 hash file and code calc

    networks terms and file here https://nac.vodafone.ie/
  3. afterburn

    afterburn Registered

    Ok mate thanks. It was on billpay, I'll chat the guy who gave me it as I'm sure he has paid up to date(he's the local priest).lol