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Plug ins won't download?

Discussion in 'OpenVIX | OpenATV Skins' started by Sheba1952, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Sheba1952

    Sheba1952 Member

    Plug browser green to download not working
  2. systemlord

    systemlord TK Veteran

    Hang on, let me plug in my mind reading machine ;)

    Assuming you have a zgemma box, OpenVix is not supported. Try OpenATV instead.

    XSONY_NGUX TK Veteran

    What image version you using?
  4. wooshman

    wooshman VIP Member Forum Supporter

    [sp] mind_reading_computer.jpg [/sp]
  5. matieboy

    matieboy TK Veteran

    Amazing sheba1952, you've asked two questions and not got back on any of them!

  6. Sheba1952

    Sheba1952 Member

    It's a zgemma h2s currently using sky q very 5.0 sorry taken me so long to respond..
  7. moshibeth

    moshibeth TK Veteran

    Sky q is not an image,Are you using openatv or openvix
  8. matieboy

    matieboy TK Veteran

    He's using vix that's why he has no plugins, just to hazard a guess, because it's never been covered on here before

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  9. Sheba1952

    Sheba1952 Member

    It's running on openatv. version 5.1
  10. moshibeth

    moshibeth TK Veteran

    I would online update and then try and download the plugins
  11. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    5.1 is quite old maybe they have removed feeds for it as most images do to keep there bandwidth down.

    Try 5.3