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Record, pause, rewind no longer working

Discussion in 'Zgemma-star 2S' started by kenne001, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. kenne001

    kenne001 Registered

    Hi, i am all set up now for a few months and my record, pause and rewind have stopped working. I get an error sign each time i try to do so. It worked at first and I have recorded in the past but it seems to have stopped. Any tips/advice?

  2. asmad

    asmad Registered

    Try some of these steps if is a usb or hdd problem to be sure it's all setup correctly.
    1. Format a USB to NTFS...put USB stick into pc/laptop whatever u want to call it and right click. When list pops up click on format. Select NTFS and format....(yes this will delete everything)

    2. Put USB in the front of box. Press menu then setup. Go down to system and press ok. Next select storage devices and select initialisation. your USB will be highlighted and press ok. Initialise (red button)

    3. Create swap file. Press menu>Info panel>Plugins>swap manager. Press green to create>select 256 mb> wait until its finished then press activate (red button) then press yellow to autostart. Exit back 2 the start and restart your box.

    4. Press menu>info panel>plugins>mount manager>press green and change to: /media/hdd. Press green to save. Then exit back to the start.

    5. Press menu>setup>recordings & Timeshift>timeshift settings>timeshift location should read /media/hdd/timeshift/.then exit back to the start.

    6. Press menu>setup>crossEPG>configure and select your storage device. Then press exit once (1). Scroll down to Download now and press ok.