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Satellite bouquets for Skybox

Discussion in 'Skybox F3 - F5 - F6' started by maff, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. maff

    maff VIP Member Forum Supporter

    Just to clear this up.Is it possible to get more than the 28.2e sly sats on my Skybox F3 with the current firmware? Iv'e got a 1m motorized dish with a seperate feed from the LMB to the living room and the bedroom. Blade box downstairs has a multi sat sub controling the dish. The Skybox F3 upstairs only seems to be able to get the option to scan the sly sats. Would like to know if its possible to move the dish with the F3?
  2. Kremmen

    Kremmen RETIRED. INACTIVE MEMBER Forum Supporter

    I don't have an F3, but my old Openbox S9 has all the required settings for motor control in the menus.

    I don't use a motor, but I do have 2 LNB's on my dish for 28.2e & 19.2e with a DiSEqC switch.

    I added 19.2e manually before scanning.
  3. niteworlok

    niteworlok Member

    When I have been perusing the features of my F3 I have noticed that there are options it seems to control the dish movement - unfortunately my dish is fixed, so I have not had chance to test it out - but I believe it is possible
  4. mavropouli

    mavropouli Member

    I had an F3 hooked up to a TM-2600. Tuned it to 4 sats. It worked fine for a week - The F3 would have been 2 weeks old today. The power went this morning - it refused to reboot. Frustrated, I got an F5 with external power supply. It also supports motor dish but the previous glitch must have caused a problem to the one week old motor. If the motor is bypassed the tuned (now fixed in place sat) works fine. I dare not connect it to the F5 again as this stops the F5 from working - it keeps resetting itself. Any ideas? The motor has a reset button but it must be powered up to the receiver for it to work. Dare I blow another receiver?
  5. sb18180

    sb18180 Banned banned

    tbh i wouldnt be messing around with cheap end boxes with a motorized dish you are asking for trouble. go for a better box
  6. mavropouli

    mavropouli Member

    Can you recommend one? naturally HD
  7. niteworlok

    niteworlok Member

    The Vu+ range have those options I believe - they are considerably more expensive than the Skybox though!
  8. mavropouli

    mavropouli Member

    Thanks. I will have a look, however, do you think that the motor could have been damaged in any way with the F3 power supply blowing?
  9. niteworlok

    niteworlok Member

    I really don't know enough on the electrics side I am afrad - but I am sure there is a section here that might help : Satellite

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