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SD card on H2s

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by Idledawn, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. Idledawn

    Idledawn Registered

    Hi Guys
    just wondered if any one happened to initialise /mount sd card on h2s at all with success?and could guide me
    i currently use wifi dongle in rear ( oooops) and usb in front for epg . Running vix virtuosso with kiddac guidance Currently, i never tat too much as h2s runs a dream. But as things progress & u techwizards are always up for a challenge
    would love to be able to close front flap where current usb is loaded
  2. ephumuris

    ephumuris Registered

    You just put it in and initialise the same as a USB. I've got EPG and swap on SD card and a USB in the back just for recordings.

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  3. Idledawn

    Idledawn Registered

    could you just guide me , i can find way my round the box no probs , but don't tatt without knowing what im doing
    step by step guide if u could please, im sure ive tried in the past
  4. Willo3092

    Willo3092 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    It's not simple on ViX as the microsd doesn't appear in Mount Manager.
    I formatted mine to Ext4 on my PC with Partition Wizard.
    There's a bit of a guide here.
    Although the drive won't appear in Mount Manager, you can still select it for swap file, epg, timeshift etc.
  5. Idledawn

    Idledawn Registered

    thanx willo
    will have a look
  6. rositers

    rositers Registered

    I also had trouble reading the SD card and was unable to format it in the SD card slot on the Zgemma. so I used a usb SD card reader in the zgemma to format the card.
  7. Idledawn

    Idledawn Registered

    Hi rositers
    Did that do the job with the sd card ?
    so did you initialise it on the h2s via the usb port
    or can u give me step by step guide please
  8. pedrosol

    pedrosol Registered

    Problem is its not an easy fix as it can be done but in VIX the mount is not recognised and hence the option to "use as HDD" is not available so this leads to a laborious set up procedure.
    my method is here > http://www.techkings.org/zgemma-star-h-2s/83341-sd-card-setup-2.html#post512281

    also Limekings has a guide which he did for the zgemma h2h. > http://www.techkings.org/zgemma-star-h-2h/84180-sd-card-setup-h-2h.html

    NOW with Wooshbuild it is much easier the mount is recognised and "use as HDD" makes it simple. I recommend you reflash to Wooshbuild and when working
    change to a pre formated sd card. I am using a wifi dongle in the back slot and sd card in the side slot. a sandisk 64gb and it has worked fine. Recording, epg & time shift,
    plus backup. Only thing it seemed to setup better when I preformated it to EXT3 and then initialised it. Give it a go you can always go back to VIX!
  9. rositers

    rositers Registered

    Yes it did the job initiate it on the h2s via the usb port