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Skybox F5 channel list

Discussion in 'Skybox F3 - F5 - F6' started by Weeksy82, May 2, 2013.

  1. Weeksy82

    Weeksy82 Member

    Hi, where can I download the latest channel list for skybox f5 ? Thanks
  2. bees

    bees VIP Member

    I have put the channel list off my F5 box in the download section here
    as some of the F3 lists don't seem to work on F5 boxes.

    I had a similar problem finding a channel list, so it was taken from a friends F5 and loaded onto mine just to
    make sure it would transfer between boxes.

    Mine has an Ali3601HD chip. (Menu - Tools - Info)
    Just mentioned it as I believe cloned boxes use different files.

    It seems complete too me.

    If you use it please post back and let us know how you got on.
  3. platelicker

    platelicker Member

    Hi guys, does this list just include 28.2? Im trying to get a bigger channel list (maybe hotbird/Astra 19) but not having much luck.

    I got my skybox f5 today and am slowly getting it setup with a motorised dish, I know the number of channels is only 5000 so im being selective, but a bigger channel list would speed me up....

    Thanks in advance, this site is awesome :)
  4. iancullen77

    iancullen77 Member

    hi can you send me the skybox f5 channel list to my email i dont know what i need to download to put it on to my USB TO PUT it on my f5 box if u an send my the file to my email i will put it on my USB stick thanks ian
  5. maff

    maff VIP Member Forum Supporter

    I use "Winrar" to extract zipped files. There's a few programmes out there that do the job. Have a look at the skybox section of the forum,you'll find instructions there.

    How do I put this list on to my box?

    Firstly, before any upgrade you should always backup! Once you've done that; * format your usb to FAT32*

    1.Unzip List XX-XX-XX.zip with a program such as winrar & place the TP_PROG.DBS file onto the root of your USB drive.

    2.In the Openbox menu delete your current channel list by going to the "Edit Channel" tab & selecting "Delete All".

    3.Staying in the menu navigate to the "Tools" tab then "Upgrade by USB", change the upgrade mode from "Image File" to "Misc Files" then "Select & Upgrade" & select "TP_PROG.DBS" then press yellow, if all done correctly it should begin to upgrade.

    4.Once the upgrade has completed restart your box & voilá!
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2013
  6. awaller89

    awaller89 Member

  7. sbf5

    sbf5 Member

    Thanks for the list
  8. wrapperNo1

    wrapperNo1 Member

    Thanks, I've been looking for this!
  9. moosa19

    moosa19 Member


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