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Skybox F5 channels all scrambled.

Discussion in 'Skybox F3 - F5 - F6' started by cal72, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. cal72

    cal72 Member


    just got new skybox f5 yesterday i witch it on and and all the channels are pre installed i have all the sky channels hd
    but are scrambled only free view are working.
    now i have been READING as much as i can since yesterday about cline and cccam ho i pay how i get for free but to
    be onus t my head is so far up my own ass right now with all this. all the cofffffee in china ant going to help right now

  2. sb18180

    sb18180 Banned banned

    you dont get clines for free(unless you brought box with a gift) my friend. you need a box,cline and internet connection to get all ;)
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2013
  3. cal72

    cal72 Member

    got internet connection but cline is the thing i cannot fined emailed some places seen on web yesterday but no reply
  4. sb18180

    sb18180 Banned banned

    i pmed you but you dont know if have enough posts to receive pms you will have to check your notifications at the top of page ;) if you paid around £50-60ish mark for the box it wont have cline with it if you paid over £100 mark(so called free gift) it should have cline included
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2013
  5. cal72

    cal72 Member

    how do i fined out if my f5 skybox has cline with it then.is there a way i can check
    or is compatible with cline
  6. sb18180

    sb18180 Banned banned

    menu>network local settings>camds setup>CCcam client set up>manage config files>CCcam(plugin)
    your line should be there if you have one. if you dont have one there will be nothing there.
    if you dont have camds setup in your menu highlight network local settings tab(globe) and press 6666 for hidden menu it will appear. i also suggest you do some reading here http://www.techkings.org/skybox-f3/41018-skybox-f3-set-up-guide-tutorial.html might help
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2013
  7. cal72

    cal72 Member

  8. sb18180

    sb18180 Banned banned

    no problem trust you sorted it then all up and running now ;)
  9. cal72

    cal72 Member

    yes got it all setup perfect when watching and channel to channel no problem but if u go to Favorite and start scrolling through it will freeze till
    u pick another channel any ideas
  10. koga00

    koga00 Member

    Hello guys
    i'm new to the forum.
    I have a similar problem with my skybox f3 but the only difference is that,i actally have the cccam.cfm file loaded on the box and i have a c-line as well but i can only get the free channels,
    I have a test c-line for 5 daysbut i know it's not the c-line as i have tried 2 different c-lines before this one and it ids still the same problem,i can't get scrambled stations like sky sports,sky movies etc.
    Is there like a kind of setting i need to do apart from the dumping of the cccam and all the local network stuff.
    I loaded the c-line myself all the three times correctly but i still can't access so many channels.
    Pls any help for solution will be much appreciated.
  11. sb18180

    sb18180 Banned banned

    @ cal it does that on all my f5 boxs just the way the boxes work but hey for the price cannot grumble. i use the small up and down arrows on the left of the remote that skips you through cats without freeze
    @koga00 there is plenty you have to do first on a new box but you wont get any answers hijacking someone elses thread. i suggest you start by reading the forum rules!! and start your own thread :no no:
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2013
  12. cal72

    cal72 Member

    ethernet tab again then press setup make sure dhcp is set to ON if not put it on and reboot again

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    thank u again ur right for what it is i can live with that small hiccup no problem
  13. safar_asm

    safar_asm Member

    i'm using broadband+3g router connecting skyboxf5 cccam over the internet but it became stuck and sometimes scrambled.. as i know, the problems occur becoz the 3g router will become idle automatically and need to 'ping'. i need ur help,, anyone know how to overcome this problem?
  14. sb18180

    sb18180 Banned banned

    could be a poor server or slow internet/ping.
  15. Rog180

    Rog180 Member

    just recently bought sky f5 box, i changed codes for racing uk as it was on old frequency code. now when i go on to channel it says scrambled. any ideas?
  16. MichaelJones

    MichaelJones Member

    howrya gents, recently got a skybox, can someone pm a good place to get a reliable cline. cheers.
  17. bees

    bees VIP Member

    post a request in here
  18. Cd82

    Cd82 Member

    Hi there. I've had the same problem as the first guy on the thread. Could someone send me a link so I can buy the gift code please? Many thanks.
  19. Gazmorgan

    Gazmorgan Member


    Hiya can any1 help me and tell me why im getting skipping on some of my channels ect movies n sports is it to do with my internet connection?
  20. Cd82

    Cd82 Member

    Folks still not able to load the codes onto my box! I'm in no way a computer guru either, tried you tube tutorials. Tried updating codes onto the USB ect. Beginning to think iv been given dodgy codes. Any help appreciated. Thanks c

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