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Skybox F5 - "No Signal" but signal quality is good as working with all sky+ box

Discussion in 'Skybox F3 - F5 - F6' started by charlie123, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. charlie123

    charlie123 Member

    Skybox F5 - "No Signal" but signal quality is good as working with a sky+ box

    Hi There,

    There have been a few of these posted and l still havent got to the bottom of this yet

    A friend purchased a skybox F5 - cline was brought separately
    F5 box was pre-loaded with a channel table.
    All the free-channels showed up fine without any problems
    The cline was added via USB and some of the channels came through and others were reported as "no signal"

    I put the old sky+ box and the channels were which reported as "no signal" came up as scrambled....so the signal was reported as fine,

    I have checked that the LNB is set to 9750-10600 in set up menu (on the skybox F5)
    Also checked that the box is connected to the LNB input and not the Loop (on the F5)

    Not sure what to check next, unless, l do a factory reset and reload the channel table?

    I have a spiderbox 9000 and tested on the same feed and there are no signal errors...

    Any help would be appreciated,

    thanks chaps
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2013
  2. sb18180

    sb18180 Banned banned

    no signal is not the same as scrambled
  3. charlie123

    charlie123 Member

    Hi thanks, yes, no signal is different to scrambled.

    But getting no signal on some channels, which is strange as the signal strength is 70%
  4. sb18180

    sb18180 Banned banned

    have you an upto date channel list? as channels are moving around at the mo.
  5. charlie123

    charlie123 Member

    I will put a new channel table on....think l may do a factory reset first.....what do you think?

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    my mate put a new channel table on, deleted the old one and added a new one, but that made no difference, so thats why l am puzzled to understand what is causing this even though the is signal strength seems to be fine
  6. sb18180

    sb18180 Banned banned

    you are not sharing a cline with your mate are you? this could cause the cline not to work different ip addresses. just a thought. you can try a factory reset but i doubt it will make any difference.
  7. charlie123

    charlie123 Member

    no - the cline is not shared as the provider will shut it down.
    I have a spiderbox with another provider.

    Hence, why lm confused to why he is getting no signal....unless the cable drop is faulty.....
  8. sb18180

    sb18180 Banned banned

    no signal on channels= problems with hardware ie satdish cable plugs ect.
    scrambled on channels= problems with internet connection,server,box beeing set up wrong,cline in wrong ect.
  9. charlie123

    charlie123 Member

    Taken the box off my mate and there is no signal on Channel 5 HD and some of the HD movies channels (with a working cline).
    With my satellite, l was able to see all HD channels with another Skybox F5 - so l suspect its the box at fault.
    As l tried my own box, spiderbox and l am able to receive channel 5 HD without any issues on 28.2E (same frequency as F5 box)

    So, to me the Box possibly has a faulty tuner....unless l do a factory reset and see what happens?
  10. sb18180

    sb18180 Banned banned

    if you have more than 1 satbox running off the same satdish at the same time(each with their own feeds) as the f5 then there is a known issue with the f5 loosing some channels with no signal. this can be tested by unplugging any other satboxes(even sky boxes) from the satdish and just leave the f5 plugged into the satdish. if your channels return then i believe its a lnb issue.
  11. charlie123

    charlie123 Member

    There are no other boxes running off the same feed and tested the box at my house (single input LNB). Contacted the seller and they will be providing a replacement unit...thanks for your help :)

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