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Sly Germany info

Discussion in 'Openbox Satellite' started by Johnny3Voltz, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Johnny3Voltz

    Johnny3Voltz Member

    Hi all, just a quick one, Ive got some german friends who have a satellite dish pointing to wherever the sly Germany satellite is. They've seen my openbox V8S with my uk package and were wondering if its possible to get the same package as me but with sly Germany instead ok uk. If it's possible could I get the gift from a seller here or would I need to go to a german site.
    Ps we are in Spain if that makes any difference. Also it would be the full package sports,movies,entertainment etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. biff2005

    biff2005 Member

    sly germany is on 19.2e so you will need to move your dish to that satellite then get a test line to try m8
  3. Johnny3Voltz

    Johnny3Voltz Member

    Thanks. Can you recommend a trustworthy site to buy a new original openbox?
  4. biff2005

    biff2005 Member

    sorry m8 i use a zgemma h.2h but just google openbox website im sure you will find one..
  5. the reaper

    the reaper VIP Member Forum Supporter

    Sky.de is on Astra 19.2e and can easily be accessed, although there is a german Sky One it is still encrypted at present as cards have to be activated by the payservers. Cinema/Sports all ok using a multi-sat card and openbox plus a multi-sat card will also open TNT/Fox/ORF etc etc