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Spotify ad free unlimited skips

Discussion in 'Android Apps' started by maddad, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. maddad

    maddad Forum Supporter

    Saw this requested and thought id post it here too if its ok.
    Spotify ad free and unlimited skips.
    Basically premium without the offline download feature

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  2. silverblack

    silverblack Registered

    Does it allow you play to other devices ? I stream to my Yamaha Reciever.
  3. iky316

    iky316 Registered

    Try it and see.

    You'll need to uninstall the official Spotify app off your phone as that blocks this installation, then install this and sign in using your Spotify credentials.

    It's basically the free Spotify app with ads blocked and allowing you to pick songs and skip songs etc.

    It worked with my Chromecast

    Edit:- this an android app only. May not work with other OS
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2017
  4. silverblack

    silverblack Registered

    Ah i think installed a version of this the other day and it never streamed to other devices,needed premium.
    Handy if you only need it on your phone tho.
  5. iky316

    iky316 Registered

    Yeah I just realised that nowehere it's mentioned that it's for an android phone so have made a quick edit.

    Yeah it won't work with another OS or media player or iOS device. It is designed to work with android phones but can be used as Chromecast or Bluetooth.

    Also for those with android devices make sure that auto updating for Spotify is switched off in the play store. You don't want an official update to stop the mod from working.
  6. mbath

    mbath TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Is there any way to get offline feature for free?
  7. iky316

    iky316 Registered

    Nope, Spotify have a DRM feature which blocks downloads unless your a premium customer.

    This app is basically the free version of the Spotify app but stops adverts and allows you to pick a song and repeat it and skip songs which the standard Spotify app doesn't allow unless your paying.