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Tip To Remove Tar From Your Car

Discussion in 'Car Cleaning and Polishing' started by LuK007, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. LuK007

    LuK007 Member

    hi just thought to post incase anyone dont know a cheap option to remove Tar Spots from your vehicle instead of using the expensive Autoglym Tar remover Try WD40 or asdas own mutil purpose spray. that does the trick, and once removed wash your car and rinse off and maybe a good polish will help too afterwards :)
  2. Buckham_uk

    Buckham_uk Forum Supporter

    Search for crazy Russian hacker on YouTube. He's got a video for WD40 and its uses!
  3. baz2011uk

    baz2011uk Member

    WD40 on old rubbers works a treat and restores them back to black after a few goes
  4. aldan

    aldan VIP Member

    personally,i throw out my rubbers after use.but to each their own.LMAO
  5. baz2011uk

    baz2011uk Member

    lol i was asking for a reply like that
  6. Lambretta200

    Lambretta200 Member

    hello m8,

    buy yourself a claymit, about a tenner off ebay. you can get the lubricant if you want but you can use soapy water after you wash the car.

    also another great tip for cleaning your glass exteriors, windscreen etc.get yourself 'Bar Keepers Friend' its the best thing i have found.
  7. Syno_Bill

    Syno_Bill Member

    Petrol will get tar off your car, just polish it after.

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