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Tuner B Problem

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by Quickmine, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Quickmine

    Quickmine Registered


    I've seen this mentioned a few times regarding TUNER B on the h.2s

    When i record i can only watch a selection of channels. Most channels are blacked out. (Provider allows watch & record)

    Tuner config has been set to 28.2, single, simple. (also tried all other options, Same as tuner A, Advanced LNB 1 etc.. ) all that have been advised on other threads

    I have taken out both cables from rear and put 1 in TUNER A and done a full scan - 900 odd channels - Take that cable out and put in other cable and full scan again and get 900 odd channels again.

    TUNER B not matter what cable only picks up 500 channels ??

    Using wooshbuild v5 if that makes any difference.

    I'm lost now?? My only guess is that the HARDWARE in TUNER B is knackered.

    Anyone else have this problem ?? If so have you solved the issue or any other ideas?

  2. dungeon

    dungeon Registered

    Have you updated to software on your box recently? These types of issues are usually caused by driver updates which don't work properly.

    I'd suggest you do a full backup then reflash a different image or build and see if the problem persists.
  3. Quickmine

    Quickmine Registered

    reflashed with wooshbuild last night, Still the same problem.

    No updates installed since
  4. miccheck1516

    miccheck1516 Registered

    Look at the thread e4 recording issue, there is a fix that might work for you.

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  5. dungeon

    dungeon Registered

    Try stock Open ATV instead of Wooshbuild. Keep tuner A unplugged and have Open ATV scan tuner B during the setup wizard.

    If it works then its an issue with Whooshbuild, if not then its most likely hardware related.

    In my experience tuners don't partially die, they either work or they don't which makes me strongly suspect this is a software bug. The fact other users have had this issue and have fixed it with software also supports my theory. AFAIK Whooshman has applied the fix from the E4 thread already to Whooshbuild so its a good test to try stock Open ATV or even VIX.
  6. murdotechmob

    murdotechmob Registered

    I have one cable in tuner A & the other in LNB not tuner B & I can watch & record at the same time.

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  7. Quickmine

    Quickmine Registered

    Cheers for the replies.

    I have the extra file from the E4 thread. I ftp'd over to the box, Restarted and no joy.

    Only picking up 500 channels on TUNER B - Seems mostly Free Channels, $ channels blacked out

    Will try reflash the lot with Open ATV & VIX
  8. Quickmine

    Quickmine Registered

    So i flashed with the latest Openvix lastnight - Auto Bouquets would not scan at all. When i disabled TUNER B the process went a bit further but still nothing scanned.

    Flashed then with latest openatv - Channels scanned but same thing, Only half channels clearing on TUNER B

    Tried Auto scan on both images just in TUNER A and then switched cables BOTH brought up 900 odd channels TUNER B only 500

    Stuck wooshbuild back on, Same problem.

    No idea at this stage. Cant be the dish or LNB as they scan full channel list on TUNER A swapping cables.

  9. bigfoot16

    bigfoot16 Registered

    I have a similar problem but on Tuner A. Thinking I need to send the box back.
  10. bobb69

    bobb69 Registered

    I had a similar issue. Tried all sorts of things, ended up being a dicky tuner. Sent it back and the replacement was fine
  11. Quickmine

    Quickmine Registered

    So got a replacement and it was working fine now its back to the same again.

    This time a h5.2s

    Tuner A Perfect - 950 Channels Scanned.
    Tuner B - Only 500 Scanned.

    Try record and watch but all channels go black unless they are on the same transponder.

    Tuner A & B set to single, simple, 28.2 (Also tried same as tuner A, Auto & the Advanced, LNB1, and all that jazz.

    I'm starting to think it is now the cables or dish.

    The only thing is of the 500 channels that do clear on Tuner B the signal is up at 85% and BBC channels come in at 102% is over 100% normal?

    If i try an auto scan on TUNER A it runs no problem, If you say NO TO SCAN TUNER A then it fails straight away.

    Also if i turn tuner B off (not configured) and take out the cables. ( I have 2 Cables to a quad LNB)

    I put the first cable in to TUNER A and get the full channel list after a scan.

    I take that cable out of TUNER A and put the second cable in to TUNER A and I get the full channel list again after a scan.

    That's whats confusing me as if i had a dish , cable or lnb port problem then surely one of the cables would fail in TUNER A which it doesn't, Its only when both tuners are active it seems not to work.
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  12. bigfoot16

    bigfoot16 Registered

    I also got my box replaced. This has resolved my issue of not getting certain channels on tuner A. works perfectly now.